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She suddenly stood on her toes.

Even though she wasnt wearing a dance dress or dancing shoes, the moment she stood on her toes, her instep immediately tensed and her body lifted like a swan.

She glanced at Hua Jin from the corner of her eye and twirled her steps slightly, her skirt fluttering like a butterflys wings.

“She dances beautifully.

She has a talent for it, I think.

Even though there was no teacher to teach her, she was a good dancer.

She liked to stand on the terrace of the hospital building in the dead of night, facing the wind, like a swan.”

Natalia slowly stretched out her toes and stepped lightly on the floor.

It was feather-like, as if her toes were brushing the surface of a river, yet not causing a ripple.

Her steps were almost weightless, she was so graceful it was impossible to take ones eyes off her.

The actor frowned and said tentatively, “So, youre Natalisa, her second personality”

Natalia turned and gave him a long, dark look.

Suddenly she smiled.

It was a smile that carried a hint of contempt.

She asked casually, “Who told you she has a split personality”


The actor was taken aback! He had no idea what she meant by that.

Natalia didnt have a split personality!

Well then… The girl before him… was she Natalia or Natalisa

“Who … exactly are you”

The girl smiled.

There was something sinister in her expression.

“I am not Natalia.

Neither am I Natalisa.

Im the Messenger.”

“Messenger” The actor was becoming increasingly confused.

What sort of term was “Messenger” His displeasure deepened.

“Who the hell are you”

“Im in charge of managing this body.” The girl looked down at her own hand, then lifted them gently and examined them with graceful movements.

She smiled.

“I can see them, but they cant see me.

Im a messenger created by Professor Romanka.

Im responsible for maintaining the balance between personalities.

If any of the personalities disobeys, I have the right to drive them into the Place of the Banished.”

Hua Jin was visibly shocked.

Not because of what she said, but because of the fleeting coldness in her eyes.

It was hair-raising.

Did Gong Jie know about these things

Well then… What about Alice Did she know the truth about Natalias situation What had Romanka done to this girl What Messenger

The actor looked puzzled.

“I dont understand what youre saying.”

He wondered if he should call Alice later, to ask her exactly what “messenger” meant.

The girl obviously read his mind.

She said, “You intend to call Alice”


The actor became guarded.

Was this girl a mind reader How else could she have read his mind so easily

He said, “Dont you… imagine things! Do you know anything about Alice”

“I know Alice.” The girl suddenly looked cold.

“Im warning you.

Dont ruin my plan.

Do you understand”

“Ruin your plan” The actor was alarmed and asked, “What plan”

“Oh Do you really want to know that badly” The girl suddenly walked up to him with her hands behind her back, her expression as impassive as the pale moonlight.

“You shouldnt know so much! Otherwise, it becomes very dangerous.”

Very dangerous!

“Very dangerous” His expression stiffened.


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