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“Who am I”

Natalia obviously found his question amusing.

She turned gracefully to face him, the hem of her dress rustling as it swept around in a graceful arc.

She smiled and clasped her hands behind her back, seemingly as obedient and cute as a doll.

“Im Natalia.

You know my name.”

The actor took a step closer to her.

“Who are you” he asked seriously again.

Natalia showed no reaction, and didnt seem to find his question odd.

However she studied him with amusement and a smile.

She took a sudden step toward him.

“Youre funny.”

The actor pursed his lips.

Now, there were only the two of them.

There was no one in sight, so the actor laid the cards on the table.

“It seems, youre not Natalia.”

Natalia smiled but said nothing.

“Oh How so”

“Youre deliberately trying to imitate her, but you cant imitate her aura.

Natalia is elegant, well-mannered when she insults, but shes reticent and shy of strangers and cautious.

But you, everything about you is so different from her.”

The actor had only spent a few days with Natalia, but she was a very simple person, like a piece of unpolished and unadorned jade.

And her simplicity made her easy to understand.

After spending only a few days together, Hua Jin naturally understood her habits and personality characteristics.


He was a very sensitive man.

Therefore, he could easily tell that the person before him was not Natalia.

“Ive heard that Natalia has two personalities.” The actor said solemnly, “One is named Natalia, but the other, so far, no one knows.

So who are you, exactly”

Natalia just smiled at him.

Rather than giving him a direct answer, she said flatly, “Natalia does have a split personality.

One is named Natalia.”

She walked to the window, her footsteps inaudible.

She didnt look at Hua Jin.

She stared out at the mist and the moon through the window.

The pale moon was frost-like.

There was an inexplicable coolness as the moonlight poured in through the window.

She touched the window gently with both hands.

Her eyes were downcast, and the moonlight bathed her face.

There was something noble, but cold, about her.

“Natalia doesnt like to talk.

Shes timid and shy of strangers, but she paints well.

She likes to sing, and she likes to hear people sing.

Shes insecure, trusting, and easily hurt.”

After a pause, she elegantly painted the window with her fingertips.

Her red lips were flirtatiously beautiful.

Like a vixen.

Or a sprite.

“Hence she gradually learned to protect herself.

She stopped trusting people easily and had no friends.

But then, she does have a friend and thats me.”

“Youre her friend” The actor frowned suspiciously.

“What… is your name Dont tell me youre Natalias alter ego”

Natalia looked back at him, but her eyes narrowed slightly.

Hua Jins tone softened.

He didnt mean it, but just that he found the Natalia before him looking somewhat wary and defensive.

He seemed to have read her wrong, he thought she was insecure.

“Dont worry, I wont hurt you.”

Natalia turned and casually countered, “Natalias second personality is Natalisa.

Shes lively, cheerful, clingy, and loves dolls.

She paints, too, but she also dances.”


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