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Still puzzled, Youyou suddenly asked, “How did you know about him”

Natalya froze.

Indeed, no one had mentioned Gong Fan to her.

Not even Gong Jie or Hua Jin had mentioned to her that the boy had a split personality.

Natalia pursed her lips and immediately answered, “I can see that.

Youre just like me, arent you”

The boy narrowed his eyes slightly as he studied her, but he said nothing in the end.

Instead, he skillfully hid his suspicions and changed the subject.

“Do you like the series of desserts” he asked, turning to face her.

Natalia sauntered over to the dessert stand and said enthusiastically, “May I eat it now”

“This is my gift to you, its up to you to taste it.”

Gentlemen like Youyou were like noble young masters with a first-class etiquette education.

Natalia said sweetly, “Of course! I love desserts.” With that, she carefully picked up a donut and eagerly popped it into her mouth.

The boy simply stared at her in silence, his face giving nothing away.

It was as if all he cared about was whether she liked his desserts.

“Is it yummy”

“Its yummy.”

“Is it as good as the one you had at the amusement park”

Natalia declared, “This has to be the best dessert in the world Ive ever tasted.

Theres no other!” She also asked curiously, “Did you take baking lessons”


I read and try making them according to the instructions in the books.”

“That clever!” Natalia blushed again.

“If—if I ever want to eat these again, would you still be willing to make them for me”

“Of course.

I can make them any time you feel like having some.”

“Well, thats settled then!” Natalia smiled and took a bite of her doughnut.

She was intent on tasting all the desserts on the dessert rack.

The boy looked at her unobtrusively, his eyes on her face, without the slightest change in his demeanor.

After dinner, Youyou went home with Yun Shishi.

Gong Jie, on the other hand, had the evening ahead of him.

After dinner, he gave Hua Jin a few careful instructions and left.

Before he left, Natalia clung to him reluctantly, refusing to let go.

Hua Jin stood watching.

Naturally Gong Jie couldnt bear to part with her, so he coaxed her gently and promised to return as soon as he could.

Only then did Natalya let go and allowed him to leave.

Natalia remained at the window long after Gong Jie had left.

In the cool moonlight, her profile was bathed in a silvery glow.

The actor finished his glass of champagne and finally stood up.

He walked over to Natalia and suddenly reached out to gently shut the window.

Natalia looked up at him in surprise.

The actor said unhurriedly, “Its getting chilly.

The winds too strong.

You dont want to catch a cold.”

“Oh!” Natalia couldnt hide the disappointment in her eyes.

She turned and walked dejectedly back into the room.

The actor stared after her in silence, finally unable to contain his suspicions.

He took a deep breath and spoke abruptly.

“Who are you”

He spoke so softly, so softly, that if a pin dropped, it would have drowned out his voice.

Natalia, however, heard him clearly.

Her back stiffened.

She came to herself slowly, her purple eyes glowing.


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