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Little Yichen quickly reassured him.

“Actually, you dont have to.

Look, if youre not good at cooking, you dont have to try!”

When Gong Fan heard this, he was a little suspicious.

“Why Do you think I dont have this talent”

Thats right.

Still, Little Yichen didnt dare spell things out.

“Er… I think youre better than Youyou in many ways,” he said cryptically.

“Such as”

“For example, wasnt Project Deva Eye your idea I heard from Uncle that Project Deva Eyes vision is astonishing, and Hurricane Group will control the global firearms market if it succeeds.”

When Gong Fan heard this, for some reason, there was a hint of loneliness in his eyes.

“The so-called Project Deva Eye is actually based on Youyous design plans.

Without his plans, it would be a pipe dream even if I were to have suggested it.”

Little Yichen was stumped.

“But youre very good at business.”

“But Youyous business philosophy is by no means inferior to mine.”

Little Yichen was even more stumped now.

Gong Fan pursed his lips and said indifferently, “Please leave now, all of you! Ill try again.

Even if I didnt make the series of desserts, I must succeed at the doughnuts.”

He didnt want to disappoint Youyou, and didnt want Youyou to think he was useless.

No matter what, he had to try.

Hua Jin and Gong Jie exchanged a glance.

Yun Shishi gave him a bland smile.

“If he wants to do it himself, we might as well let him try again! The boy is particular about finishing what he starts, no matter what he does.”

Although she knew that, in fact, cooking was also a gift.

She didnt know how to cook, and Mu Yazhe wasnt very good at it either, but they had a son who naturally had culinary skills.

All she could say was that he was extremely gifted at cooking, and had a rather keen nose for it.

This was something beyond their control.

Whether it was the genetic mutation or the boys unique talent, cooking relied on a gut instinct for good food.

Some people could create great tasting dishes even if they had never learned it.

Youyou could even make many dishes that were not available in restaurants all over the world.

The four of them quietly left the kitchen.

Gong Fan looked at the kitchen counter silently.

In the end, he took a deep breath, rolled up his sleeves, and started afresh.

Natalia stood at the entrance of the kitchen and quietly pushed open the door slightly.

She peered through the gap to see the slim figure standing at the kitchen counter.

She looked around, saw that he was alone in the large kitchen, and tiptoed in.

She quietly stood behind Gong Fan and watched him in silence as he stirred the eggs.

Gong Fan was so focused on what he was doing that he didnt realize that there was someone standing behind him.

Natalias footsteps were light.

As sharp as Gong Fan was, he didnt notice her immediately.

It wasnt until Natalia saw that he hadnt finished making even one dessert that she asked curiously, “Is todays series of desserts ruined”

Gong Fan jumped, not realizing that there was someone beside him.

He spun around and looked surprised to see Natalia.

“You… you are”

Natalia widened her eyes, blinking slightly, looking rather puzzled.

“Have you… forgotten me”

Gong Fan frowned and pondered for a moment before quickly guessing her identity.


“Good memory.

Do you recognize me now”


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