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For some reason, Yun Shishi despised her son when she heard that.

Youre quite good at lying through your teeth, Little Yichen.

If it doesnt taste good, so be it, but now youre putting on a show.

Although, at the same time, she was also touched.

Little Yichen must have not wanted Gong Fan to be disappointed and sad, so he endured how bad it tasted and pretended that it was delicious!

“Its yummy!” The boy gave Gong Fan an exaggerated thumbs-up.

When Gong Fan heard this, he was inexplicably touched.

So the doughnuts he made actually tasted pretty good Even Little Yichen was afraid that hed never get to eat them again.

Gong Fan pursed his lips and gave a rare gentle smile.

“Its okay.

From now on, Ill make them for you whenever you want some, okay”

The boys jaw nearly dropped upon hearing that.

He was speechless and looked helplessly at Yun Shishi.

At that point, she could only look away helplessly and pretend that she wasnt there.

Hua Jin tried desperately to stifle a giggle.

This was too hilarious! How could a mother abandon her own flesh and blood

Despite Gong Fans smartness, he could not tell that Little Yichen was just being perfunctory.

In what ways was it delicious One would think it was unpalatable just by looking at it.

Besides, the boys pained expression was proof enough of how unpalatable this was.

The actor shuddered inwardly.

He was already deeply in awe of Gong Fans culinary skills… in awe…

Gong Jie glanced at Little Yichen, then at Hua Jin, then he narrowed his eyes.

The actor cautiously leaned over and conferred with him.

“Why dont we just explain the situation to Natalia and forget about the series of desserts! Natalia will be poisoned to eat something like that.”

For once, Gong Jie saw eye to eye with him.

“Uh huh.”

As he spoke, he looked up and said to Gong Fan, “Xiao Fan, you dont have to make dessert.”

Gong Fan was puzzled.


“Because…” Gong Jie furrowed his brow as he made up a random lie.

“Natalia has a cold.

She shouldnt be eating anything too sweet.”

“I see!” When Gong Fan heard this, he raised his eyebrows and complained, “Ive worked so hard for so long and finally made a doughnut, and now youre telling me that she wouldnt be eating it because she has a cold.

Couldnt you have told me earlier”

Gong Jie was dumbstruck.

Emmmm… In the first place the desserts you make have to be edible!

Are you sure this is edible!

You cant even feed the dogs with these!

Hua Jin glanced at Gong Fan, and couldnt bear to look at the boys expression, especially the disappointment in his eyes.

The actor felt inexplicably helpless.

The boy had worked hard to come up with the doughnut.

He couldnt waste it!

Forget it.

They shouldnt let him down.

The actor decided after much contemplation that he might as well put his life on the line and eat a piece of the doughnut.

He didnt want the kid to work so hard for nothing and be disappointed.

Although, he knew, the doughnut must taste horrible.

He knew it.

He could tell from Little Yichens expression that it must be like chewing wax.

However, he had to warm the little fellows heart!

Therefore, Hua Jin clenched his fists and made a major decision!

Little Yichen was startled when he saw Hua Jin approach the doughnuts.

He tried desperately to signal to the actor to warn him not to touch Gong Fans “dark cuisine,” but the man did not notice this.

Until the actor popped a doughnut into his mouth…


The actor looked horrified.

What was this taste!


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