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“Fanfan, is this a doughnut” Hua Jin asked curiously.

Gong Fan turned around at once when he heard the voice, and saw the four people who had been standing behind him, looking at his “work”.

The boy grunted, “Yeah.


The actor wondered if it was edible.

Perhaps while it looked a little scary, it might actually be quite edible.

Hence he instructed Little Yichen, “Go try it and see how it tastes”

Little Yichen was taken aback.

He had not expected Hua Jin to push him into the pit of fire! Why didnt he try eating it himself! The man was clearly asking him to test the poison!

Little Yichen scowled in obvious displeasure.

“Why dont you try it”

“Any dessert made by Xiao Fan would surely taste delicious!” As he spoke, Hua Jin glanced at him out of the corner of his eye.

“Why Do you think Fanfans cooking tastes awful”

Gong Fan couldnt be bothered with how Hua Jin addressed him.

Instead, he glared at Little Yichen with slight displeasure and snorted.

“Why Do you think it tastes bad”

Little Yichen gulped and shook his head violently.

“No! I trust my little brothers skills.”

“Then try it.”

“Try…” Little Yichen was so nervous he couldnt speak.

What the hell… Had he really become a food taster


On the verge of tears.

Why was life so difficult!

Why was he always being pushed into the line of fire!

However, in the interest of not offending his brother, the boy immediately took a righteous step forward, trying to look heroic!

“Fine! Ill try it!”

Gong Fan noticed his expression.

It was not dissimilar to someone about to jump into a pit of fire.

He was immediately displeased.

“You seem very reluctant!”

“How so”

Little Yichen gave him a reproachful look.

“I… I think its going to be pretty good!”

“Then stop making that face.”

Little Yichen fell silent.

He gave a very disappointing “Oh.” So, resigned to his fate, he picked up a doughnut and looked at the charred surface.

He steeled himself, gritted his teeth, and took a bite.

A comet hitting the earth…

Volcanic eruption…

Various apocalyptic scenes flashed before his eyes.

Little Yichen felt as if he were being scorched by lava.

Tears almost gushed out from his eyes!

What was this!

Was this a doughnut

It didnt taste sweet at all.

It was like eating a piece of charcoal! Not only were the colors similar, but the taste was also exactly the same! It tasted so bad that he wanted to cry.

Even taking a punch was never so painful.

And yet…

Being the super tolerant person that he was, Little Yichen didnt even flinch as he said flatly, “Its not… bad.”

Gong Fans eyes seemed to light up for a moment.


“Yes… really, but… I dont think its the kind of taste Natalia will like!”

“Is it too sweet” Gong Fan muttered again, “I did put a little too much milk powder and saccharin.”

“Oooh…”mLittle Yichen muttered to himself: It would have been better even if it were unreasonably sweet.

At least it would taste sweet! What was this taste… It tasted like charcoal! Bitter and astringent!

Why was it that they were obviously the same person but there was such a huge difference between Gong Fan and Youyou!

Little Yichen couldnt help missing the quick-witted Youyou.

“You look very pale.” Gong Fan sized him up and became suspicious.

Little Yichen immediately wiped his face and sighed.

“Im afraid I wont ever get the chance to eat such delicious doughnuts again!”


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