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Why did it feel like something that was so easy for Youyou had become a stumbling block for him

Baking was so difficult.

Gong Fan felt that his head was about to blow up.

Bracing himself, he began to roll out the raised dough.

It kept him busy.

Finally, he used a mold to cut the flattened dough into rings.

He spread the strawberry jam evenly over the doughnuts and walked over to the pan.

Yun Shishi didnt want to interrupt his “serious business”, but when she saw that he was about to drop the jam-smeared doughnut into the pan, she made a move to stop him…



The oil splattered and flew.

Gong Fan calmly held the frying pan in his hand and blocked the droplets of hot oil that flew at his face.

He was expressionless.

After perhaps a few dozen seconds, he turned off the fire, then moved closer to the frying pan…

Then, he saw a charred object floating on the oil.

He didnt know that the strawberry jam should have been applied only after the frying.

Otherwise, the strawberry jam… would… burn…

The veins in his brow throbbed as he gazed at the two dark floating objects.

Gong Fan carefully scooped up the two balls of dough.

He then looked at the rest of the batter and started to fret.

What was this! Had he slogged his hands off all day, to produce these two lumps of charred doughnuts

Gong Fans eyelids twitched violently, and his resentment towards the “doughnuts” gradually built up!


He could not accept such a mediocre finished product.

Start over.

Anyway, it was still early.

Gong Fan threw himself into the “Doughnut Making Journey” for the nth time.

Yun Shishi watched him from behind, engrossed.

She wanted to laugh at his calm but “flustered” manner.

He appeared calm because no matter how tricky things got, he remained expressionless.

He was also flustered as he seemed to have a knack for turning something simple into something extremely complicated.


The doughnut went into the pan a third time.

Behind him, Little Yichen now crept into the kitchen and stood quietly behind him, observing the scene with his mother.

When the doughnuts came out this time, they finally looked like how doughnuts should.

Of course, how they tasted was another matter.

The desserts from Gong Fan definitely wouldnt taste good.

For some odd reason, that was Yun Shishis gut feeling.

Gong Fan did not notice that Hua Jin had also walked in behind him.

The three of them just stared at him making dessert with their mouths agape.


How tragic!

Tragic to the maximum!

It couldnt possibly be any more tragic than this.

Hua Jin looked at the several lumps of black flatbread in the trash can and felt anxious.

At the same time, he felt somewhat uncertain.

He wondered how the end product would taste.

Would he get food poisoning

Why not let Little Yichen try the poison first and see if it was edible He didnt want Natalia to eat this doughnut and get food poisoning from it.

“I get the feeling that this thing Fanfan has made isnt doughnuts,” the boy whispered into Yun Shishis ear matter-of-factly.

Yun Shishi stifled a laugh at that.

“What are they if theyre not doughnuts”

The boy frowned solemnly.

“Its poison.”

The woman was stunned for a brief moment.

“Mommy, can I not eat that” Little Yichen shuddered.

“Im scared…”

Yun Shishi gulped and replied, “Me, too.”


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