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Gong Fan did not notice her strange expression.

“Good morning, Mommy!”

“Good morning.

Youre up early” Yun Shishi smiled.

Gong Fan was also a little surprised.

“I was woken up by the alarm.

Why did it go off so early”

“Uh… Ill prepare breakfast for you.

Get up and wash up!” She hurried away, wondering if she should inform Gong Jie about this!

When Gong Fan saw that Yun Shishi had left in a hurry, he subconsciously felt around the bedside cabinet.

After groping around for a while, he found the notebook.

He picked it up and turned a few pages.

Youyou had a habit of keeping a diary, and so did Gong Fan.

Rather than thinking of it as a diary, it might be more accurate to say this was how Youyou communicated with Gong Fan.

Through Gong Fans diary, Youyou learned what had happened to him on a given day.

Similarly, Gong Fan also learned what had happened to Youyou on a given day, through Youyous diary.

This time round, Gong Fan had been dormant for a longer time.

For some reason, the next time he woke up, a fortnight had already passed.

He had slept for half a month!

15 days!

Never before had he slept for so long.

Before he could figure the reason for this, Gong Fan came to the latest entry in the diary.

“I have to get up early tomorrow to make a series of desserts for Natalia.

Shes been anticipating it for a long time.

Ive decided to make her a series of desserts with a Hello Kitty theme! This evening, Ill prepare the tools and Ill set myself to work tomorrow! But Im a little worried.

What if its Gong Fan who wakes up He knows nothing about baking.”

Gong Fan was stumped.

Hello Kitty

Series of desserts

Whats that Desserts


Who was Natalia

The name had been mentioned a few times now.

It sounded like a girls name, but… Who was it

Gong Fan put the notepad aside and sorted out his emotions for the time being.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he walked to the living room.

Little Yichen had finished his breakfast and was looking at him expectantly.

“Why are you dawdling, Youyou Hurry up and finish your breakfast.

Were leaving!”

Gong Fan narrowed his eyes.


Little Yichen shuddered at the tone and quickly corrected himself, “Fanfan…”

“Dont call me Fanfan!” Gong Fan didnt like such a cloying form of address.

Little Yichen explained hurriedly.

“But thats such a friendly way to address someone!”

Gong Fan immediately declined politely.


Little Yichen fell silent.


What a tsundere Fanfan…

Yun Shishi brought out the bread and milk.

Gong Fan sat at the table and asked curiously, “Mommy, whos Natalia”

“Uh…” She hinted vaguely, “It seems that Youyou rather likes her! He promised to make her a pretty series of desserts today.

Do you… know how to make it”

Gong Fan shook his head.

How could he cook

He knew absolutely nothing about cooking.

Not to mention baking…

“Well then…”

Yun Shishi found herself in a difficult position.

“So what do we do The boy had prepared everything he needed, and he wanted to perform his best behavior today…”

Gong Fan pursed his lips, feeling a little troubled.

However, he did not want to disappoint Youyou.

“Is a series of desserts… difficult to prepare”

Little Yichen exchanged a hesitant glance with Yun Shishi before nodding.

“Yes… rather.”

Gong Fan was stumped.

Youyou has thrown him into another tricky situation.

A series of desserts!


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