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The boys expression stiffened at that.

“Am I to understand that Professor Romanka adopted her in order to use her as atest subject”

Alice hesitated before answering, “Not entirely.”

“Not entirely”

“Well, Professor Romanka never had his own children.

And he was the one who discovered Natalia in the welfare home.

So he adopted her as his daughter.

Later, he became so obsessed with his field of study that he wanted to conquer it.

So he used Natalia as a test subject.”

The boys expression turned icy.

“Dont you think thats cruel”

“Science is mostly cruel.

They exist so that we can find a way to overcome the conundrum of this academic field, and they dont take any of the other ethics or morality seriously.

Ive also said that most of us are lunatics, just like the Hurricane Group.

The world thinks that the Hurricane Group is the instigator of war, and that the organization is cruel.

But isnt it the deep-seated human ambition that is truly cruel”

Alices words infuriated the boy, but he had no come back on that.

She was not wrong.

Human beings are cruel and selfish.

Scientists were not philanthropists.

They would do anything to attain their objectives.

No wonder Natalia was alarmed when she heard footsteps, especially Alices voice.

No one wanted to be locked in a cold, miserable ward.

For some reason, Youyou felt especially sorry for her.

Perhaps it was because he had the same memories as Natalia.

As a child, he was laid up in a sterile ward and never saw the light of day.

The world was a cold and dreary place.

The boy felt low.

lice could see that his heart ached for Natalia.

“Im currently negotiating with Professor Romanka.” She knelt in front of him and said gently, “Ill discuss it with him.

For Lucy to stay with him and to let me take care of Natalia.”

“Really!” The boys eyes widened.

“Would Professor Romanka be willing”

“What do you think”

Alice smiled.

“In the two very different fields of split personality and multiple personality, Professor Romanka is obviously more interested in multiple personality.

And a multiple personality must begin from a split personality, whereas a split personality doesnt necessarily result in multiple personalities.

When it comes to the value of a test subject, its clear Lucy outweighs Natalia.

Natalia may be his daughter, but shes not his biological daughter and their bond is not that deep.

At the very least, for that lunatic, it must be academic accomplishments that are more important.

So Im confident we can negotiate successfully.

That way, I can get Natalia back.”

The boy frowned slightly.

Concerned, Gong Jie asked, “You returned Natalia for research”

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The boy was instantly alarmed.

“Really” He immediately associated it with the horrible and cruel human experiments.

Alice was greatly amused.

“You two are echoing each other.

I havent said anything.

Why are you all staring at me so fiercely Am I so deranged in your opinions”

The boy was unimpressed.

“Dont you think youre deranged”

Gong Jie chimed in, “Youre not much better than Professor Romanka!”

A woman who talked about autopsy at the drop of a hat! A woman who could stand in an autopsy room to gracefully have a sip of red wine! It was obvious how terrible a person she was.


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