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Chapter 327: Well-paid

“Before you speak, clean up your mess first.” Ji Yanlou coldly said.

Qin Zhou was depressed again.

At noon, Qin Zhou, Yun Shishi and Jun Mo simply had lunch.

The three of them had lunch inside the company.

After that, Jun Mo who was sitting on the leather chair adjusted herself in a comfortable angle and closed her eyes.

Qin Zhou took Yun Shishi to visit the quarters in the UEC building.

He introduced the use of every floor.


The building of Universal was extremely spectacular, it has a full 50-story tall building, which was simply unexpected.

For the first time, Yun Shishi was visiting this world-famous entertainment kingdom up close.

UEC owned two major film and television production companies.

And three authoritative media companies.

So, whether it was a movie, tv series, or music recordings.

Those largest entertainment worlds were inside this very own company.

As a famous superstar factory, just by hearing the name of their contract signed artists, it’s like a thunder piercing to everyone’s ears.

In today’s entertainment circle, the four freshmen artists and four biggest stars were, Yang Mi, Hanyu Yan, Yan Bingqing, Li Jiuxian, Lu Junyu… These sizzling and hot names were all contract signed artists of Universal.

UEC was no longer a mere milestone.

It was now an entertainment kingdom monopolized by the tycoons of industries.


Qin Zhou took Yun Shishi to the rehearsal room, recording studio room, interview hall, and led her to meet several famous film and television producers and directors of UEC.

So, who knows how many people was impressed by Yun Shishi’s beauty and elegance.

For this newcomer, everyone has high hopes.

Then, Qin Zhou gave her a general introduction to UEC’s treatment of their artist.

This treatment… was unexpectedly superior in quality.

The proportion of compensation on the contract was very big.

Generally speaking, the artist who signed a contract with UEC, during the new phase, the newcomer will train under the company’s regimen.

And in terms of the proportion of compensation, the company will get 70% and the artist will get 30%.

But for her, it was 50:50 in ratio.

What was this concept

Assuming: With the “Green Fruit Movie”, the contract between Gu Xingze and the UEC was in 60:40 in ratio.

So, if they will pay Gu Xngze 50 million, the company will deduct 20 million from his pay.

The remaining 30 million, which was 60%, will fall to Gu Xingze’s pocket.

This was already the highest treatment for an artist.

And so, if the UEC will pay her 5 million, with the 50:50 in ratio, she will get 2.5 million in total!

In addition to that, UEC will also provide her private car.

She was given a Volkswagen Phaeton car.

Even if she was only a newcomer, the company was doing its best to lessen her public exposure.

For the protection of their artist, the UEC was doing an adequate job.

Even the high-quality paparazzi will fail to cause her trouble.

As for the portal of the entertainment stars on the internet, the UEC also cooperated with them to boost and control their artist’s exposure.

After this introduction, a long training course was waiting for Yun Shishi.

One of the most important aspects of an artist career was their accomplishment.

So, whether it was the external conditions, appearance, temperament, manners, conversation skills, etiquette, and acting.

Yun Shishi was only considered a bit lacking.

She only needed to sharpen a bit.

In the history of UEC, there has never been an artist who was combined with beauty and acting skills.

Which is why Ji Yanlou was focusing on her.

However, what she lacks now was the ability to respond on the spot.


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