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Chapter 320: The Ace Manager of UEC

After all, ever since she was young, except for Xiao Xue.

There were very few women that treat her nice.

Perhaps she was not so sociable, that’s why she doesn’t have many friends.

Her childhood was gray in color, so she was cautious with other people and other aspects in life.

Therefore, she felt warmed with this kind of goodwill.

Yun Shishi looked at her watch and learned that it was still early for the interview.

When she stepped out from the elevator, she saw Qin Zhou, who seemed also just arrived in the company.

When Qin Zhou saw her, he had a surprised look on his face: “Oh, Shishi, your already here”

“Mmm! Actually, I can’t get a car in our place, thankfully someone sent me here, so I got here early.”

“Someone sent you Who” Qin Zhou was stunned and felt it was a very clever thing.

“It seems to be…Jun Mo.” She learned her name from Yun Tianyou.

Jun Mo

Qin Zhou slightly frown his eyebrows: “Where do you live now”

“Xiangti Stroll.”

Qin Zhou was stunned, he had walked around that famous estate in the capital once.

When did she live there

“That’s a luxurious estate, how do you live there”

“I won in a lottery.” Yun Shishi simply said.

“…your luck is really good ah.” Qin Zhou sincerely lamented.

When Qin Zhou was leading Yun Shishi into the office, he suddenly remembered something and asked: “Shishi, do you have a driver license”

“Yes, but I don’t know how to drive.”

“Shishi, can you be a little more stupid” Qin Zhou said with no mercy.

Yun Shishi reluctantly said: “Can’t you give me a driver”

“Well, okay! When you signed the contract, I will arrange a special car for you to pick you up and go to work.”

Qin Zhou said, then brought her into the office.

He gave her an information sheet to be filled and patiently added, “Wait for your interview time in here, the Senior Director of Universal is notorious and harsh.

You should be careful when he is interviewing you.”

“Mmm, I will.”

After filling out the information sheet, Yun Shishi suddenly looked up and asked.

“If I sign the contract, will I have my own manager”

“Yes.” Qin Zhou took her information sheet and looked at it seriously.

“Who will it be”

“Heh heh heh, of course, it’s me.”

Qin Zhou smiled and said: “Xingze specifically asked me to take care of you.

After you sign the contract, I will take you under my wings!”

Qin Zhou is the ace manager of UEC.

Whether it was skills or manpower, or even backstage support, he was the first class in any of it.

Just look at Gu Xingze, he has great achievements.

No one can compare to his career, from top to bottom.

However, even if Gu Xingze has a natural talent if Qin Zhou didn’t support him.

His current status will be very far from his reach.

People admit that Qin Zhou was a powerful person.

If Gu Xingze was the emperor of the Entertainment Industry, then Qin Zhou can be described as the prime minister that was very dedicated to the emperor.

Gu Xingze was able to get the role of a Hollywood blockbuster movie right after his debut.

He also signed several fashion advertisements and made a large number of album productions.

The reason for all of this was, Qin Zhou has considerably used a lot of resources in his hands.

What was the most important thing in the entertainment circle

If it will be arranged in order, it should be Resources, background, strength, talent, qualifications, and appearance.

The appearance can be changed or built.

Lack of strength can be easily deal.

But, the resources and background support were always hard to find due to excessive demands.

People in the entertainment circle never dared to used malicious words.

They were always very careful.

But, Qin Zhou, he was deeply carved with boldness, no matter who it is, he will speak out all the ruthless words inside his irritated heart.

Many popular artists have thrown an olive branch to him, just to become their manager.

But, Qin Zhou was unmoved.

He only managed one artist, and that was Gu Xingze.

All Qin Zhou’s resources and support was only spent on him.


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