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Chapter 315: How is that possible


When Yun Shishi arrived in the hospital, it was already late in the evening.

She finished washing their clothes first when she came back home, and because she was tired, she decided to close her eyes for a bit on the sofa.

In the end, she was awakened by Qin Zhou’s phone call.

“Next Monday, remember to come and sign your contract in Universal Entertainment Company! Shishi, congratulations! Your first step in signing the contract goes very smoothly!”

Qin Zhou called her to inform her, not to delay signing her contract with the Universal Entertainment Company, next Monday.

After the call was hung, Yun Shishi looked towards the window and saw that it was raining.

Seeing this, she couldn’t help but get lost in thought.

In the end, she really did enter the entertainment world.

She wondered if things will continue goes smoothly.


After she arrived in the hospital, Yun Shishi hurriedly pushed open the ward door.

Yun Shishi was shocked by the extravagant look of the VIP ward.

In the living room, Yun Tianyou was sitting on the lap of Yun Yecheng, while browsing the comic book.

But, God knows how boring this activity for him.

He usually doesn’t pay attention to this kind of things.

So, when he saw Yun Shishi, he immediately flies to her arms in barefoot.

“Mommy, you finally came! I thought you were going to stay with another person than in the hospital!”

“How is that possible” Yun Shishi reached out her hand and gently stroked Yun Tianyou’s head.

After seeing his complexion was restored a bit, her heart felt at ease.

Yun Shishi smiled and ask: “Did you had dinner”

“I’ve already had dinner.

If I wait for my stupid mommy to deliver me a meal, Youyou will die from hunger!” Yun Tianyou sighed and pouted in dissatisfaction.

His tone revealed his grievances.

Yun Shishi doesn’t know whether she should laugh or cry: “Did you learned a new idiom Or did Principal Li teach you that”

“Ahem, it is you, his mother who teach him well.” Li Hanlin coughed and said on the side.

Yun Tianyou said in a lazy manner: “My mommy doesn’t care about my studies, nor put any interest in my classes.”

In short, Yun Shishi gave him a complete freedom.

Yun Shishi never dictated him to study.

After all, when she thinks of her childhood experiences, she only wants her son to enjoy his childhood.

Yun Yecheng, on the side, gave Yun Liqin a phone call, but she never picked up.

He went to Yun Na’s ward before, but the two people were gone.

He couldn’t contact them.

As if they had evaporated in the world.

Although he had some suspicious in his heart, he didn’t pay much attention to it.


Late at night, a van was galloping on the road.

Inside a dark area, Yun Na woke up and faintly regain her consciousness.

When she opened her eyes, a sharp pain in her body stimulated her nerves and she recalled what happened.

After being taken away from the hospital, Li Dongqiang threw her and her mother inside a van.

She struggled hard, cried and beg for mercy, but nothing has changed.

With that, her heart was enveloped with great fear.

She had never imagined that she would end up in this kind of situation.

What happened… What is going on

That Yun Tianyou, how could he act so big He’s only six years old, but why he is so bad

Yun Na seems to remember that the man in a suit called Yun Tianyou “President Yun” in a very respectful manner.

But, why is that  

President Yun At that age

Yun Na couldn’t understand a thing.

When Li Dongqiang saw her crying and causing trouble, he stunned her with his hand.

Yun Na could remember things up to that part.

Because after that, she passed out.

When she woke up, she was inside this closed area, with no ventilation.

It was stuffy and hot.

Yun Na opened her mouth to call for help, but she found out her mouth was sealed with a tape.

Aside from buzzing sound, she couldn’t make any noise.

Yun Na struggled for a few times more, then sat up.

But, her feet touched a soft object.


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