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Chapter 310: It’s you who didn’t cherish it


How ironic ah.

In the past, whenever Yun Na saw him, she always indifferently and disgustedly look at him.

But today, she knelt in front of him and repeatedly asked for mercy.

Behind him, Li Hanlin leaned over and mercilessly stopped Yun Na from clinging to Yun Tianyou’s shoulder.

However, Yun Liqin also cried and crawled over to Yun Tianyou’s feet.

It was her daughter mistakes, so she cried in tears.

“Youyou, you’re not really planning to put her to death, right At least, at least, look at your grandfather’s love for you and let her live! You… … hiring a murderer is illegal! It’s unacceptable!” 

“Oh Me, hiring a murderer… …” Yun Tianyou carelessly pondered with a treacherous smile: “Who heard it”

Inside the ward, there was only deafening silence.

And who big grown-up man in the world will follow a six-year-old child’s words

A six-year-old kid hiring a murderer was only a fantasy!

In the suffocating situation, Yun Na knocked her head on the floor and said in a hoarse voice: “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was wrong, I know it, I was wrong!”

Yun Na cried and cried and reached to hold Yun Tianyou.

Yun Tianyou didn’t look at her, but he coldly slapped her hand:

“Don’t touch me, you’re dirty.”

“Youyou… woo woo… …” Yun Na cried and cried in desperation.

“I can’t forgive you all…”

“I can’t forgive you all …”

Yun Tianyou slightly swayed his shoulder and turned around coldly: “Yun Liqin, six years ago, you pushed my 18-year-old mommy to become a surrogate mother.

She sacrificed herself for the Yun Family, but how did you treat her”

Then, suddenly, Yun Tianyou coldly added: “Yun Liqin, I will also get rid of you!”

Yun Na sadly cried and said: “Please give us a chance.”

Yun Tianyou replied: “I’ve already given you all a chance.

It’s you who didn’t cherish it!”

Yun Liqin’s complexion looked ugly.

“I’ve tried to become powerful so that I can protect my mommy.

So, you guys who bullied my mommy, again and again, do you think I will forgive you Impossible!”

Yun Tianyou said, then turned to go out the ward.

Li Dongqiang quickly stopped and hold Yun Liqin’s body.

Yun Liqin cried and shouted: “You shouldn’t be this cruel!”

However, Yun Tianyou ignored her and just left the ward.

Behind him, the desperate face of Yun Na and Yun Liqin was left to be seen.


After closing the door, outside the ward, Yun Tianyou stood in the doorway with full of hostility and coldness.

When Li Hanlin saw it, he felt distressed and so he held him in arms.

The child’s frail body seems had become vulnerable.

Although Yun Tianyou was not his child, and they were only like a master and servant.

He had always treated him like a family.

After seeing how he harden his heart in this situation, just like how he hardens himself in managing their company, he sincerely felt more respectful to this child from the bottom of his heart.

However, in front of Yun Shishi, he always looks adorable and lovely.

So, in her eyes, he was pure and has no trace of impurity.

This purity was not a disguise at all, as if he born with it.

Hatred only blackened his heart.

He originally thought that because of his parents, he was able to freely switch personality and was just acting.

But, it seems he was wrong.

This child, because of his childhood experiences, he can actually do such cruel things.


For a child, this action was really cruel.

He doesn’t know how dark Yun Tianyou’s childhood was, for him to hate those people to the point of killing them.

Under the dim light, Li Hanlin hugs tightly the child in his arms with full of affection.


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