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Chapter 309: Feeding sharks


“The pond will get damaged and it’s too light as a punishment to her!”

Then suddenly, Yun Tianyou tossed away the photos in his hand and smirked: “Cut her out and feed her to sharks in the sea!”

His low voice sounds clear and pure.

But at the same time, it was also as cold and gloomy as the sea tide.

And each word he spoke seems to be squeezed out from his teeth, which made it inexplicably creepy!

Yun Na was so shocked and scared, she immediately hides behind Li Dongqiang.

In her mind, Yun Tianyou was no less terrifying than Li Dongqiang, who has been wondering in the street for several decades.

Yun Liqin also got scared and hold her breath.

What Yun Tianyou said sounds childish.

But at this moment, no one has considered him as a 6-year-old child.

Especially, after seeing that cold-blooded expression on his face.

Coldly and hatefully, staring at Yun Na, as if she was a dirt.

“Kid… Are you joking” Li Dongqiang laughed a bit.

How old is this child to be so cruel 

It’s really terrible.

“Joking” Yun Tianyou deeply added: “My time is precious, so do you think I’m so bored to joke with you”

“That… …”

Li Dongqiang felt his throat was dry, and so he licked his lips before he speaks with apologetic tone to a 6-year-old child: “What do you mean… …”

“I’ll give this money to you.

If you took care of it.


“… ….”

Li Dongqiang felt it was unbelievable, so he suspiciously looked towards Li Hanlin.

At the moment, Li Hanlin was looking at the little kid with knitted eyebrows.

His eyes have an unspeakable pain and heartache.

“Director Li… …”


….” Li Hanlin suddenly crouched in front of him.

He holds his shoulder and looked at his face: “You shouldn’t be blinded by hatred.”

Yun Tianyou didn’t seem had heard his advice, he coldly said: “Give him the money.”

With such kind of person, he doesn’t want to use his hand personally.

It will only dirty his hands.

Li Hanlin said with complicated feelings: “Youyou… …”

“I said give him the money, do you understand” Yun Tianyou gripped his wrist with a pale face and deep dark eyes!

Li Hanlin stared at his bloodless face.

He knitted his eyebrows again, but in the end, he eventually stood up and handed the check to Li Dongqiang.

Yun Na and Yun Liqin felt like their body was struck by lightning on the spot.

Li Dongqiang seems familiar with this kind of transaction.

He verified the authenticity of the cheque.

After confirming that it was genuine, his heart felt an incredible feeling.

This kid is really not simple!

At such a young age, he had a great courage that only an adult rich men possessed.

Although he doesn’t know the child’s identity in a complete manner.

He understood, knowing too much has never been a good thing.

“Ok, I’ll take the job! While at it, I’ll take some photos for you to enjoy, okay”

As soon as Li Dongqiang’s words fell, Yun Na loudly cried and kneel in front of Yun Tianyou.

She holds his thin body and begs for mercy: “Youyou… … woo, woo, auntie, auntie is wrong.

Auntie is blind.

Auntie is not a good aunt! Auntie promise, I will never bully you again! I promise I will never bully your mommy!”

However, Yun Tianyou only keeps looking up ahead, and never look at her.

How ironic ah.


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