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Chapter 306: Dark Youyou


Li Dongqiang was not afraid to publicize his rude actions.

Because right now, all the other patients and their family had fled in fright.

In the doorway, Yun Liqin’s legs soften and softly cried.

She didn’t dare to cry out loud because she was scared to be found out.

She just hides and clutters her hands.

Yun Tianyou gave her a cold look.

In a time of danger, this mother and daughter’s relationship was only a so-so.

Yun Na cause this tragedy upon herself, so she had to bear it.

The evil came to catch an evil. The wheel of life just turn.

After thinking like that, Yun Tianyou wanted to leave.

However, he just took a few steps, when he heard Yun Na’s screaming in pain: “I really don’t have a money! Brother Qiang, my sister is very rich! She’s rich, just go and ask her for money ah.

I am her only sister, she will definitely help me!”

Yun Tianyou’s footstep immediately halted.

His eyes become cold and sharp in irritation.

His body exudes a very dangerous and terrible atmosphere.

Yun Tianyou turned his head and looked at Yun Na.

He saw her crying and holding Li Dongqiang’s trouser.

And as if this was her only hope in life, she added to say with swelling eyes: “My sister has money! You go and look for her.

She will definitely help me.

The money I paid to you before also came from her! She will also help me this time!” 

Yun Tianyou stared as he squeezed hard his little fist.

Mommy paid for her

When did… …

Why I didn’t know this

“Yun Na, Yun Na, you still didn’t understand what I said to you that day The last time you said this to me, didn’t I ended up miserable You said your sister was a pure and lovely creature! But in the end, what Your sister was not only unclean but also has a bastard son.

And the most important thing is, there was someone taking care of her! I haven’t even touched a finger of her, but I was almost killed! So this time, do you think I will listen to you Do you think I will cause her trouble again Even if my courage is big, I dare not! Why not Because I dare not provoke that man again!”

Yun Tianyou’s knitted eyebrows tighten and his face became pale.

“Don’t blame me, Brother Qiang… …” Yun Na cried helplessly. “I really didn’t know there was a man taking care of her!”

“You don’t know But, now you know! Damn, I haven’t seen such a heartless sister as you! Your elder sister has eaten quite a lot suffering because of you.

Listening to the flow of that story, when I sent people to her on that day, it seems it was not the first she clean up your mess.

And if they didn’t use her son to threaten her, your sister wouldn’t care about you!”

At the door, a child’s incomparable voice suddenly came.

“When did that happened”

Li Dongqiang looked back and saw Yun Tianyou standing in the doorway with a pale face.

His beautiful eyes look deep and empty.

“Where did this little baby come from” Li Dongqiang frowned while asking.

“Forget about me, just explain what you said just now!” Yun Tianyou paid no attention to his rude words.

His tone sounds gloomy.

His voice sounds childish but has a chilling and dangerous atmosphere.

Li Dongqiang was stunned.

The child in front of him looks surprisingly mature, despite looking like a six or seven years old kid.

The strong atmosphere of the child almost covered his shadow.

And because of this little kid, his limelight fall.

Seeing him only groaning, Yun Tianyou unhappily urged: “Speak!”


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