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Chapter 303: Black-bellied little boss


“Grandpa, I’m not married to her yet.” Mu Yazhe said in a serious tone.

“What do you mean, huh What if you’re not married yet She is your fiancee, so she is your future wife! You are angry at me, aren’t you” Mu Sheng’s speak out loud in irritation, so he coughs violently a few times more before he cursed: “You are deliberately annoying me!”

“Grandfather… …”

On the other side, Mu Sheng said in anguish: “Stop talking nonsense, I’m giving you 20 minutes to come back!”

“Beep, beep –“

As soon as the phone call was suspended.

Mu Yazhe’s face becomes cold and gloomy.


When Yun Tianyou woke up, it was already in the afternoon time.

Yun Tianyou opened his eyes and saw his room has changed into a private ward.

Or rather, into a special ward.

The luxurious decoration, elegant style and sophisticated equipment inside the ward, created a magnificent atmosphere.

Inside, there was also a living room, study room, and a bathroom.

Yun Tianyou turned his head and saw Yun Yecheng was lying in a small bed with his clothes.

He was issuing a heavy snoring sound while sleeping and looked very tired.

For two days and one night, he was running around and couldn’t sleep.

So, he was really exhausted.

What is wrong with him

Yun Tianyou slightly knitted his eyebrows, but he doesn’t care, so he didn’t wake him up.

He doesn’t have much hatred for this person.

He just felt that he was too incompetent, that’s why his mommy has suffered many grievances.

Deep inside him, this man was useless.

So is it necessary to protect this kind of person

Well, everything he thought was only an excuse.

If his mommy chooses to forgive him, he will also choose to let it go.

*Guru, guru–*

Yun Tianyou touches his belly and realized that he was hungry.

So, he turned around and went down to the bed.

He wore his slippers and walked towards the study room.

Inside, he saw Li Hanlin sitting on the sofa.

Seeing him coming, Li Hanlin immediately got up and respectfully said: “President Yun… …” 

“Oh, you came”

*Guru, guru–*

Yun Tianyou hasn’t said much, but his stomach was already making a loud noise.

Li Hanlin looked at him with a smile in his eyes. “Hungry”

“Yeah.” Yun Tianyou was embarrassed to keep his eyes open, but seeing the dazzling look in Li Hanlin’s eyes, he asked: “You brought any food”

“Well, I know you will be hungry when you woke up, so I bought your favorite lunch.” Li Hanlin said while taking out a lunch box and spreading them on the table: “Who made me a 24th century filial assistant anyway”

“What about my mommy”

“When I came, she was gone.”

Yun Tianyou nodded his head and sat down on the sofa.

While, gleefully enjoying his lunch, Li Hanlin quickly took out a stack of documents, that the board of directors has submitted.

Yun Tianyou took the documents and read them one by one.

Those documents were the proposals of the board of directors.

And were submitted to him to get his final approval.

If he agreed, he will sign the document and everything will be dismissed.

Yun Tianyou read thoroughly the documents, and then coldly said: “Those old people are really useless and only wasting my money.”

“… …”

Yun Tianyou tightly knitted his eyebrows and fiercely throw away the documents in his hand.

The documents scattered and fall like snow flakes.

Yun Tianyou stood up emotionless and walked over the window, then coldly said: “Those old people are useless.

Why don’t they just directly lie in the coffin, and I will kindly burn a pile of paper money for them.”

Li Hanlin stayed silent.

What a black-bellied little boss… …

Li Hanlin quietly bowed his head.

However, this was his boss usual style.

So… …

“President Yun, these documents… …”


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