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Chapter 301: Not for you to ask


Well, it’s understandable, who would expect an ordinary sales manager like him will get an opportunity to meet the President of Mu Family Consortium itself.

So when Mu Yazhe walked into their real estate office with Yun Shishi, the sales manager accepted them like an ordinary customer.

However, the sales assistant behind him said: “Mr.

Li, this man is our boss, the president of Mu Family Consortium.”

The sales manager was very surprised by this!

The Xiangxi stroll was developed under the name of the Mu Family Consortium, so how could he think about it The enigmatic President Mu was this young This is amazing!

But, who is the woman next to him

He heard that President Mu has a fiancee

Could it be her

After thinking like that, the sales manager smiled and accepted his thought.

His attitude becomes more respectful.

“President Mu, how about this house This is a garden house with a large first floor, the designed was very luxurious.

The lot is 230 sq meter.

The surrounding atmosphere is very quiet.”

Mu Yazhe pushed the booklet in front of Yun Shishi: “Like it”

Yun Shishi looked at the booklet and couldn’t help but lifted it up.

This is so beautiful……

“Beautiful lady, do you like this house”

Seeing her finally getting a bit of a thought, the sales manager on the side asked with a smile and mild attitude.

“I like it, but it’s too big.

Isn’t there any smaller”

Yun Shishi really had planned to change their house with the money that Yun Yecheng had given her.

However, a 230 sq meter lot was big for her.

Even if she, Youyou and her father lived in there, it seems there will still be an unused space.

The sales manager smiled and said with embarrassing tone: “Ahm… this is the smallest house… …”

“Isn’t there any apartment” Yun Shishi asked.

The sales manager wiped his sweat and said: “The first batch of the apartment building was already sold five months ago.

The second batch is still under development… …”

“… …”

“You don’t like this” Mu Yazhe asked again.

Yun Shishi murmured: “Like… …”

This elegant and beautiful garden house was her dreamlike house.

“This one.” Mu Yazhe pointed his slender finger to the garden house in the booklet.

“Good! President Mu, just wait a minute.” The sales manager put away the booklet and were about to leave.

But, Yun Shishi stopped him: “Wait!”

“Is there something else, my lady” The sales manager asked with curiosity.

Yun Shishi said: “I haven’t thought about it.”

“What are you thinking about” Mu Yazhe’s face sank.

He asked her whether she likes it or not.

She said she likes it.

So, what else is there to think about

Yun Shishi ignored Mu Yazhe and ask the manager: “How much is that house”

The sales manager heard her and was shocked.

Mu Yazhe frowned his eyebrows: “That is not for you to ask!”

“Why not What if I can’t afford it!”

The sales manager pursed his lips.

This girl… Isn’t she President Mu’s fiancee 

If not, why would President Mu talk to her so close like this 

And if she’s not, why would President Mu buy her a house

The West Lake Villa also belongs to him, so why should President Mu buy another special house

“Woman, are you stupid” Mu Yazhe glared at Yun Shishi in displeased.

“I don’t need you to buy this house for me.

I’ll buy it myself!”

Mu Yazhe stared at Yun Shishi deeply.

Seeing her with an obstinate face and looking at him angrily.

Mu Yazhe was obviously feeling dissatisfied with her current behavior.


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