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Chapter 3623: A New Addition (239)

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Looking down at the crowd in the plaza, everyone was so happy and blissful! But comparing himself to these people, he was like an orphan abandoned by this world! Why was it that others were so happy, but all the world gave him was endless despair! The more the man thought about it, the more he

felt that it was unfair!

Since this world had abandoned him, then it was only natural that hed take revenge on this world! The man downed the white wine in his hand.

Casually, he reached for an AK-47 under the windowsill.

He crouched unsteadily by the windowsill, clutching his rifle.

He clumsily loaded it with a full

magazine and aimed the barrel at the crowd below.

His finger slowly closed around the trigger.

He was already drunk, but seeing that there were so many people, he did not need to aim! Kill them all! Even if he died, having so many people die with him would mean he had not lived his life in vain!

The man laughed aloud arrogantly.

Da da da da—

He pulled the trigger and fired wildly at the crowd.

In the plaza, Gu Jinglian suddenly heard a series of gunshots and looked towards the direction of the sound.

The plaza was too big and the music on the stage was playing loudly, so it was impossible to tell where the sound was coming from.

Gunshots Why were there gunshots

He couldnt have heard wrong.

This was the sound of a rifle being fired.

Chu He also caught the sound of gunshots that were almost drowned out by the noise.

From the sound of it, it should be an AK-47.

Someone was shooting!

On the plaza, a section of the crowd suddenly screamed! However, these screams were drowned out by the cheering elsewhere among the sea of people.

The singer on stage did not realize what was going on.

He was sweating profusely as he held onto the microphones, trying to give his best performance.

Most of the crowd didnt realize that Death was quietly descending, everyone was lost in the music.

The sound engineer also noticed the anomaly.

He received a radio message saying that someone had fired a shot at the crowd and demanded that the music be stopped immediately.

The sound controller immediately cut the music off and the staff went on stage to cover the singer as he left the stage.

The music suddenly stopped, and the sound of nearby gunshots became distinct.


“Whats going on!”

“Ah—! Run! Theres a terrorist attack!”

“Someone is shooting at the crowd! Run!”

Miserable wails could be heard from the crowd.

Some of them had been shot in the head, some in the shoulder, and some in the chest.

Instantly, blood and darkness enveloped the entire plaza! Seeing their companions injured, many people screamed and cried in fear!


“Someones injured, call the ambulance!”

However, by now, most people were focused on fleeing for their lives, they couldnt care less about the others!

The crowd frantically dispersed in the direction of the exits.

Many people who had been shot and fallen to the ground were trampled repeatedly by the frenzied crowd.

Some were trampled to death!

Some of these people started running for their lives, some were wailing, for a moment, the scene was chaotic.

Youyou also heard the gunshot, and his eyes flashed with great surprise.

“Someones shooting” Chu He turned to look at Gu Jinglian.

“Lets get out of here quickly!”

With that, she immediately squatted down and carried Youyou.

Gu Jinglian carried Baby Chu and took Linxis hand as they ran towards the plaza exit.

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“Keep your body low!” Gu Jinglian reminded Chu He.

At this point, Youyou suddenly thought of Yun Shishi!


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