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Chapter 3619: A New Addition (235)

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Yun Shishi was both surprised and delighted.

He had taken the initiative to call out to her, which caught her off guard! Before she could embrace him, the child in her arms suddenly lunged towards her and hugged her, his little hands tightening around her!

“Mommy… Mommy… Youyou misses you so much…”

Mu Yazhe was stunned! Yun Shishi was similarly taken aback! That familiar tone was enough to make her heart burn! She hugged him tightly in surprise!

“Youyou, youre back! Is that you Youyou…”

Gong Jie had told her about Youyous situation.

Youyou had a split personality.

One was the Son of Light, while the other was the Son of Darkness.

One was pure, innocent and kind, while the other was evil and cruel.

Gong Jie said that Youyous memory was sealed, and the first personality had been killed by the second personality.

Perhaps, the memory could be restored, but the naive and kind Youyou from the past might never return.

When Yun Shishi first heard about this, she was shocked and panicked!

She knew little about split personalities or dark sides.

Her Youyou was so innocent and cute, how could he be evil and cruel However, she subsequently looked through all sorts of information about split personalities.

There are many conflicted views on the subject of split personalities.

After all, the research done in this area isnt too extensive.

There arent too many patients in the world who have split personalities.

While some believe that the first personality would not be eliminated by the other personalities, others

believe that not only would the first personality be killed, or suppressed, once the other personalities occupied this body, it would never be able to return!

Yun Shishi was also mentally prepared that the Youyou of the past would never return.

Even though Youyou had changed and become cold and introverted, she did not ask for more! As long as the boy was safe and sound by her side, she would do her best to take good care of him! Even if the Youyou of the

past could never return to her side, she did not care! Deep inside, she still had hopes for a miracle!

This process might be more difficult than ten months of pregnancy, but she was undaunted and looked forward to the return of the old Youyou.

“Youyou, are you back”

Yun Shishi expected that Youyous first personality had returned, and was extremely emotional.

She hugged Youyou tightly and cried her eyes out.

However, the child in her arms gradually stopped crying until it was dead silent.

‘Mu Yazhe looked towards the boy in surprise.

Yun Shishi was also puzzled.

She lowered her head and looked at the child in her arms.

His eyes had regained their usual coldness.

When he raised his head and looked back at her, it was with that initial icy expression.

“Why are you crying” He asked and suddenly frowned.

He lifted his hand and touched the corners of his eyes with his fingers.

He could feel the dampness of his tears.

Why… Was he crying as well Youyou was puzzled.

He frowned and wiped his tears away bit by bit.

Yun Shishi looked at him nervously and did not move.

She tentatively called out to him, “Youyou”

The boy only looked at her emotionlessly.

Just like before, his face bore no expression..

Yun Shishis heart sank at once!

Youyou was gone again.

He had become… that cold personality once more


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