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Chapter 3611: A New Addition (227)

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She returned to the bed and gently caressed Youyous cheek.

She then continued, “At night, she came to the princes room and gave him a kiss.”

With that, she bent down and kissed Youyou on the forehead.

His eyes widened in surprise.

“She didnt kill the prince.

Without her fishtail, there was no way she could retum to the sea.

At the princes wedding, she endured the pain and danced until at last she tuned into foam and disappeared forever.”

Youyou asked, “Why Why didnt she kill the prince This prince is ungrateful; it was the little mermaid who saved him!” He seemed rather indignant.

Yun Shishi laughed when she heard that.

Youyou was already immersed in the story and involved his own emotions in it.

Just like before, when he heard this story, he clenched his fists and asked sadly, “If it were me, I would definitely have killed the prince and returned to the sea to be with my family.”

“Because the little mermaid loves the prince very much.

Even if she has to sacrifice herself, she doesnt want to hurt the prince.”

Youyou sneered.

“If it were me, I wouldnt sacrifice myself for someone who didnt love me.”

Yun Shishi was taken aback by the iciness in his gaze.

In the past, Youyou would not have shown such a cold expression when he heard this story.

This pair of eyes was filled with hostility, and there was a murderous hint that the former Youyou would never have.

Feeling uneasy, she hugged the boy tightly.

“Youyou… Dont be like this…” Her warm hug somehow calmed Youyou down.

“Not everything can be solved by killing,” She added, “You werent like this in the past!”

Youyou suddenly pushed her away and said expressionlessly, “In this world, its always been the fittest who survives! Only by becoming strong enough will your interests not be violated!”

Yun Shishi was stunned as she recalled what Youyou had told her before.

“Only by becoming stronger can we protect those we want to protect! Mommy, I want to protect you, so I must become stronger.

That way, no one can hurt you!”

“Youyou, why do you want to become stronger now”

Youyou gave her a blank look.

The question stumped him.


‘What was his purpose now What was his reason for wishing to become stronger Youyou looked at his own hands.

In the past, Youyou yearned to become stronger to protect his mother.

But now, without that goal, he was at a loss.

He said in a daze, “Only by being strong will you not be reduced to being

dominated by others.”

“Yes.” In this world, the strong prey on the weak.

Yun Shishi could not deny it.

One becomes strong necessarily at the expense of the weak.

She could not deny this too.

However, if the strong became apathetic, cold and heartless, then what meaning would there be in life for such a person

“Tm tired.” The boy tumed away from her.

“I want to sleep.”

Frowning, Yun Shishi said nothing more but tucked him in and left quietly after he lay down.

However, as he lay in bed, he tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep! Saying he was tired and wanted to sleep was just an excuse.

In reality, he was just too confused, especially when Yun Shishi hugged him..


heart was beating wildly!


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