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Chapter 3599: A New Addition (215)

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The boy remained silent and pretended to be asleep.

Yun Shishi looked at him quietly, wishing that she could make up for all the longing and missing that she had felt in the past year with that one glance.

It felt like ten thousand years had passed, in that one glance.

She remembered how his little wrinkled face had flushed and swelled as a newborn.

After returning to the nursery following emergency treatment, he looked so weak that she thought she was going to lose him.

She had just given birth, but insisted on visiting him every hour, with help from Yun Yecheng.

Initially, he was weak, but later on, he slowly regained some vitality.

He started to wave his tiny hands, held them in the air, and kicked around.

It was the first time shed carried him out of the incubator to feed him.

Premature at eight months, he was light as a feather.

She remembered the first time he opened his eyes.

Those black eyes were like embedded agate, glistening with spirit! He opened his eyes and smiled at her, showing her his tender pink gums.

The first time he called her “Mommy” was when she was scooping rice vermicelli for him.

The little guy was playing with a toy by himself when he suddenly spoke.


She turned around in surprise and walked up to him.

She wanted him to repeat what he said, but he was too preoccupied with the toy and would only smile at her foolishly.

He did not speak again.

However, Yun Shishi was unable to calm down! She had been waiting for this for too long! Every time she

tried teaching him pronunciation, she would speak in an exaggerated manner, but it did nothing except amuse him.

Gradually, he grew up and became mischievous.

However, he was still weak and often had to go to the hospital.

Thus, throughout the year, the spacious ward was like his second home.

She remembered one time he fell from the hospital bed because he couldnt sit still.

She was so frightened that she rushed over and picked him up.

He cried at the top of his lungs and howled in pain.

He rarely cried.

Even when he had to take an injection, he was so stubborn that he would not shed a single


This time, he cried non-stop, clinging to her tightly.

She had to coax him for a long time before he would stop crying, Then he quietly fell asleep with his hand tightly clutching her shirt.

It was not until he was five that his condition gradually stabilized.

She liked to bring him to the park.

Every time they came home in the afternoon, he would prepare a meal and wait for her like an angelic child, to eat together.

Initially, he did not know how to cook and his fried rice would turn out to be a ball of black gooey mess.

It made Yun Shishi so angry that she reprimanded him and told him not to enter the kitchen without permission.

It was not because he did not cook well, but because she was worried that he would

accidentally cut himself or set the kitchen on fire.

However, Youyou seemed to have a talent for cooking and as time went by, his culinary skills improved.

Whether it was Chinese, Western, Japanese or Italian cuisine, he excelled at them all.

Yun Shihi was both touched and heartbroken.

“Even if that Youyou who would dote on Mommy, who knew how to do housework and cook… even if that very, very capable Youyou never comes back, its fine…” She took in a deep breath and smiled.

“Even if that tsundere, sensible, sometimes sharp-tongued Youyou with a dark side doesnt come back,

it doesnt matter…”


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