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Chapter 3585: A New Addition (201)

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In the middle of every month, Gong Fan would retum to Acklan Island with Lisa.

The potions that Alice brewed were only enough for thirty days or so.

Every month, she needed to bring new potions.

The boy slept badly.

He had insomnia, many dreams, nightmares, and poor mental strength.

If it werent for the special sleeping pills that Alice developed, it would be very difficult for him to sleep peacefully.

Besides this, he needed regular checkups.

Before mid-month, he returned to Acklan Island.

Upon returning to the island, Lisa received a call from Alice.

Alice informed that she would come to the island early the next morning.

Lisa couldnt help feeling suspicious.

Alice had always come on the 15th of every month.

Tomorrow was only the 12th.

She was three days early.

What was going on

Alice explained that there was a new batch of potions that had been modified to replace the previous ones.

Only then did Lisa let down her guard.

Before this, Little Yichen had already disguised himself and boarded the ship heading to Acklan Island.

It was an overnight trip from the Hurricane Groups headquarters to the island.

Alices makeup skills were top-notch.

After putting on some makeup for Gong Jie and Little Yichen, they were unrecognizable.

After all, given this was Alice, no one would put her in a spot.

She lied that Gong Jie and Little Yichen were her assistants.

Gong Jie was easily disguised with a wig over his silver hair.

This made it difficult for others to recognize him.

Little Yichen, on the other hand, had to suffer a little more.

Standing at just over 1.5 meters, although he was not considered short for his age, it was still rather difficult for him to disguise

himself as an adult man!

Thus, Alice used a wig on him that was meant for a female, then she applied some rouge to his face and put him in a white coat.

To begin with, the boy had delicate features and the sort of temperament peculiar to youths.

After a little dressing up, he actually looked like a young woman.

They spent the night on the ship.

Alice gave him some instructions.

First of all, if everything went as planned, the boy would probably have to spend a month on Acklan Island.

By the next month, she would find a way for him to leave unnoticed.

Gong Jie was a little worried.

It wasnt that he was concerned about Little Yichens identity being exposed, rather, there wasnt going to be anyone else on the island for a month.

Other than the servants, there was not even a playmate.

With Little Yichens personality, wouldnt he get very lonely

Little Yichen, on the other hand, did not worry about it.

Even though he would have to be separated from his parents and sister for a month, hed do it without thinking twice if it meant he could get Youyou back.

The ship docked at the harbor.

Lisa stood at the port to welcome them.

However, when she saw Gong Jie and Little Yichen standing behind Alice, the light in her eyes suddenly flickered and she frowned slightly, obviously sensing something fishy.

But after a brief moment of surprise, she showed no further signs of doubt.

She just said in her usual cold tone, “Alice, youre here.”

At the Hurricane Group headquarters, there was no hierarchy to distinguish between the two.

Hence, Lisa had always called Alice by her name.

Alice smiled at her.

“Is he awake”

“Yes, hes awake and reading in the study,” Lisa said, but her tone was calm and emotionless, like a machine.

Little Yichen could not help giving her another glance.

The last time he met her, it was as if they were separated by a world..

Now that they were reunited, he was filled with endless emotions!


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