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Chapter 291: Grandpa’s anger


Mu Sheng knitted his eyebrows, then he quickly asked, “Not simple”

“That woman is ambitious and scheming.

I don’t know what exactly she did.

But, she got herself to join the cocktail party.

Although she’s not saying anything in front of Yazhe.

She’s always looking for opportunities to get close to Little Yichen.

If she’s not ambitious and scheming, then why does she need to do all of those tricks”

Mu Wanrou then added with a deep trace of sadness: “Little Yichen is not close to me.

I’m very worried about the scheme she is playing.

Why can’t she just leave us, mother and son Grandpa, tell me, don’t you think she is too much”

When Mu Wanrou remembered that Yun Shishi and Mu Yazhe were very intimate on the dance floor.

She felt a piercing pain inside her heart.

“She is an actress” Mu Sheng is relatively an old-fashioned figure.

So, he never paid attention to the entertainment industry.

Especially, he always felt that those actresses heart is black, their real intention is unknown, so nothing good will happen!

Among the rich and noble people, the most looked down upon persons are those artists in the entertainment industry.

Although they are being called as superstars nowadays, inside the heart of the old generation of nobles, they are still the same as the opera artist in the ancient times.

Therefore, he cannot let his family get mixed with someone in the entertainment circle.

Mu Wanrou nodded her head and gritted her teeth: “Mmm!, I don’t know how did she mix herself in the entertainment industry.

But, Grandpa, you say, do you think she is interested to enter the family”

“Hmmp! An unknown actress daring to enter the Mu Family, she can try it!” Mu Sheng said with shivering lips.

Then he added, after knocking his cane on the floor: “I can’t understand that unknown actress.

At that time, the terms and conditions are clearly written in the contract.

It was stated in there, that she cannot cause trouble to the child’s custody.

If she continues this act, then she can’t blame me for burning her with a fire!”

Listening to this, Mu Wanrou’s heart was full of joy, but she didn’t show it in her face.

Instead, she said with a bit of resentment: “But, what if Yazhe protects her Grandpa knows it very well, some women are naturally born a fox, they can charm any men… …”

“He will dare!”

“Why won’t he” Mu Wanrou pouted her lips and said with grievances: “He didn’t return home for two days.

He must be with that woman.

Grandpa, you must seek justice for me!”

“What” Out of anger, Mu Sheng’s eyes fired up: “Wanrou, don’t feel bad.

When he comes back, I will give him a good lesson! Grandpa will seek justice for you!”

“Mmm!” Mu Wanrou nodded her head with joy.

Although Mu Sheng is worthy to be called a righteous person, he was also a rebellious figure during his prime youth.

If this old man will erase Yun Shishi with his own hands, then she doesn’t need to do anything else.

Mu Sheng was obviously got overwhelmed by anger, he raised his chin and look around.

Then, he curiously asks: “Where is Little Yichen”

Mu Wanrou immediately asked the maidservant behind her: “Where is the young master”

“Young Master Yichen is practicing in the archery hall.”

“Go and call him for breakfast.”


Mu Wanrou leaned forward and carefully caress the old man’s chest, then said: “Grandpa, don’t be so angry.

Why do you need to anger yourself so much for that bitch”

“Well, I’ll listen to your words, I won’t be angry, I won’t be angry anymore.

When you finish your breakfast, you accompany me to walk around and ease my heart.” Mu Sheng smiled and held Mu Wanrou’s hand.

The anger in his face completely disperse.


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