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Chapter 3578: A New Addition (194)

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“Father said that this child is his own, one who grew up outs ide the family.


from what I know, its unlikely that this is his own child!”

“So you suspect its Youyou”

Yes, that was what I suspected initially!” Gong Jie analyzed further.


coincidence, I heard about the appearance of this child in the Gong family,

after Youyou went missing.

Its said that my father had arranged for him to

recuperate on a private island.

This means that this child wasnt in good health.

These characteristics match Youyous”

But all these are rumors.” Mu Yazhe further asked, “Do you have any concrete


Jiang Shen and Lu Jinyu istened quietly by the side, unable to voice any


Gong lie continued, “Gu Jinglian just returned from North Africa.

Hes the only

person so far who has seen that child and lived!

“What do you mean

“The Gong family has an order in place.

Anyone who has seen the childs true

appearance is already dead.

This means that Father has protected him well.

Therefore, no one knows what he looks like or who he is.

Gong Jie frowmed

and continued, “Recently, the Hurricane Group acquired With.

Word has it

that this was a forced acquisition.

Logically speaking, with Gu Jinglians

personality, he would never give up that piece of land.

I guess Gong Fan must

have used something to threaten him and forced him to sign the agreement.


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for why he didnt kill him, I dont know either.”

Can you be sure”

I cant be sure.

That is why I didnt tell Shishi about it immediately.


worried that if that child isnt Youyou, itll be another disappointment!

Mu Yazhe nodded as well.

“Before this matter comes to any conclusion, well

hide it from her for now

“Wai.” Gong ie suddenly stood up and suddenly thought of something as his

expression turned solemn.

Mu Yazhe noted that Gong Jie suddenly looked troubled.

Hence he did not

speak, so as not to disturb the mans train of thoughts.

He must have identified

some useful clues again!

Gong lie suddenly turned around and fixed his gaze on him.

“Lisa! Alice!”


I remember that for a long time, Alice hadnt been at the headquarters.


Youyou went missing, she disappeared from the headquarters.

I have no idea

where she went.

If Youyou was indeed taken back to the Gong family by Father,

then he must have been injured.

In addition, his poor health needed


Given these, he would have needed someone skilled in medicine

to take care of him at all times.”

“Alice is a doctor

“Well, shes the medical genius of the Hurricane Group.”

“Who is Lisa

“She used to be my staff, later on I had assigned her to Youyou as his personal


I havent seen her in a long time.”

Mu Yazhe said, “lf we can find Alice and Lisa, it might lead us to some clues”

“I cant track Lisa, but Alice is in the Hurricane Group right now.

If l asked her,

I might be able to get some information.”

Mu Yazhe nodded.

Gong Jie left the capital and took a private plane back to the Hurricane Groups

headquarters overnight.

Gong Shaoying was not on the island but he found Alice.

When he saw her, she

was in the laboratory analyzing some drugs.

Alice was surprised to see him.

“Why are you back here”

Gong lie grinned and said, “To have a drink with you.

Why Are you busy

Alice was stunned for a moment, then she smiled and replied, “How could that

be It would be most unreasonable to reject Sir Gong lies invitation.”


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