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Perhaps it was because now he had things that he cared about, his heart was softened.

Gu Jinglian put down his teacup, stood up slowly and walked upstairs.

Gong Jie did not look for Gong Shaoying immediately after hearing this news.

Since his father had deliberately hidden Youyou and named him Gong Fan, it meant that the man had other intentions.

If he were to confront his father, the man might not admit to it.

He could instead turn even more guarded against him.

If that happened, it could become even harder to locate Youyou.

The strangest thing was, if Gong Fan was really Youyou, why would he give his loyalty to Gong Shaoying and not want to return home

Even if Youyou did not have the ability to leave Gong Shaoying, based on Youyous character, he would not be such a loyal subject to that man.

Furthermore, all the things that Gong Fan had done went against Youyous original intention for Project Deva Eye.

Initially, Youyou had proposed Project Deva Eye to control and suppress wars

through controlling the information technology in the sky.

Gong Shaoying did

not approve of this idea.

Now, Gong Fan had gone to stir up trouble and create

a war! His Project Deva Eye now existed purely for killing! This was not

Youyou, but a demon!

If he were really Youyou, how did he become like this

Gong Jie felt heartbroken, but he could not think of any reason.

He did not tell Yun Shishi about this matter immediately.

After all, before this

matter was confirmed, he did not want to alarm her or give her false hopes

Besides, he was worried that if anything bad were to happen, she would not be

able to accept it.

Back then, he had seen how much pain his sister had gone through to emerge

from the shadow of this accident.

Hence, Gong Jie went to Shengyu Corporation first thing, after leaving the Gu

family residence.

Mu Yazhe was in the office.

Gong Jie found his office and

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came clean with the reason for his visit.

Mu Yazhe had just finished a meeting, and Jiang Shen and Lu Jinyu were also in

the office.

Mu Yazhe was surprised to see Gong Jie walking in looking a little


“Whats the matter

“I need to speak with you regardinga matter.”

“What is it

“Youyou might still be alive!”

Hearing this, Mu Yazhe frowned.

“I know, but weve not been able to locate him

all this while.” He had never given up trying to locate Youyou.

Even though

searching for the child was like searching for a needle in a haystack, and the

search was extremely costly, no one was willing to give up.

He had never given up on searching for Youyous whereabouts.

Even though

searching for a child was like searching for a needle in a haystack, and the cost

of the search was extremely high, no one was willing to give up.

Gong Jie sat down on the sofa, picked up a tea cup, and drank the tea in one


Standing by the side, Jiang Shen frowned when he saw that Gong lie was

holding his teacup.

He raised his hand and wanted to say something, but

swallowed his own words, being intimidated by Gong lie.

He had heard that this brother-in-law of Mu Yazhe had a serious obsession

with cleanliness.

Gong Jie would personally kill him, if he were to find out he

was drinking from his teacup.

“I may have information on where Youyou is.” Upon hearing this, Mu Yazhe

reflected for a few seconds before standing up with a jerk.

“What did you say”

“Gong Fan.”

Gong Jie mentioned this name.

“A few days ago, there was a war in North


The Gu familys Wirth factory was acquired by the Hurricane Group.


remember mentioning this to you.”

“Uh huh.”

Mu Yazhe probed, “What have these two matters got to do with each other

This child, Gong Fan, suddenly appeared in the Gong family half a year ago.

However, no one has seen his true appearance.

They only know that hes a

young child.”


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