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Chapter 3573: A New Addition (189)

While Baby Chu was taking a nap in his room, he suddenly received a call from Linxi.

He picked up the phone, and heard Linxi mumbling pitifully on the other end of the line, “Baby Chu… where are you now”

“Im in my room!”

“Well…” Linxi lamented, “I think Ive lost my way.”

Baby Chu blinked and was speechless for a moment before replying, “Alright, where are you”

After five days, Linxi was still losing his way in the Gu residence every day.

The huge Gu residence was no different from a maze to him.

How big was the Gu residence

Put it this way.

Linxis father and mother worked in a factory in North Africa.

The Gu residence was as big as the factory.

However, he would not get lost in the factory.

Apart from the fact that he grew up there, the corridors in the factory were very wide and direct, there were not that many twists and turns.

The Gu Residence had dozens of courtyards, including the front courtyard and the back courtyard.

These courtyards were connected to each other, and there were all kinds of long and winding corridors.

It was no different from a maze!

This was not the first time he was lost.

Fortunately, Gu Jinglian had equipped him with a phone.

When he got lost, he was able to call Baby Chu and Butler Fu for help.

Linxi said, “Uh… I dont know where I am either, but I can see a rock garden and a huge pond.”

“There are so many fake mountains and ponds.

I dont know which place youre talking about.”

“Theres an ancestral hall here.

There seem to be many memorial tablets inside.”

“Ancestral hall…” Baby Chu thought back carefully and suddenly remembered that he had been to the Gu familys ancestral worship hall twice before, so he recognized the route.

“Wait for me at the entrance of the ancestral hall.

Ill go and get you right away!”

After hanging up, Baby Chu jumped off the bed, rubbed his eyes, and ran downstairs.

After passing through several courtyards, he finally found the ancestral hall.

He saw Linxi standing at the entrance of the ancestral hall, looking rather embarrassed.

Baby Chu walked over and said a little resentfully, “Linxi, How on earth did you end up coming here Youve been at the Gu family residence for a few days now and you still cant find your way around”

Linxi said awkwardly, “Your house is huge.

I lose my way all the time.

Its mainly because… Im bad with wayfinding and cant tell the direction.”

Baby Chu looked at him with an odd expression.

Linxi thought he might have said something wrong and looked back at the younger boy uneasily.

Then he replied, “What do you meanmy house Linxi, this is your house too!”

Upon hearing this, Linxi realized what that look was about.

He found it heartwarming, and held the younger boys hand.

“Alright then! This is our house.

It was just a slip of my tongue! Dont be upset.”

Baby Chu smiled.

“Lets go!”

The two children walked hand in hand towards the courtyard.

As they came to the courtyard, they heard a commotion.

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“Its someone from the Gong family…”

“Quick, inform the old master…”

Soon after, Baby Chu and Linxi saw Butler Fu walking towards the main building in a hurry.

He was in such a hurry that he did not even bother to glance at them.

Baby Chu looked in the direction of the main door with a strange expression.

Among the crowd, he saw an eye-catching silver-haired man standing at the entrance.

He had an overbearing presence and was about the same height as Gu Jinglian.

He wore a snow-white military-style windbreaker and a pair of white combat boots.

Every inch of his handsome face was exquisite and flawless!

Baby Chu widened his eyes.

This man was cool and handsome!

Ten minutes later, Butler Fu came downstairs and approached the silver-haired man.

He smiled respectfully and said, “Master Jie, our old master invites you in.

This way please..”


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