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Gu Jinglian frowned.

“Its just that what”

Butler Fu replied, “Its just that they probably wont look exactly alike! That would be impossible.

Even identical twins will look slightly different.”

Gu Jinglian frowned and went silent for a brief moment.

“Forget it.

Theres no need to get involved in the Mu familys matters.

This is their private affair.”

Uncle Fu sized him up and suddenly said carefully, “Master, I realized that youve changed a lot ever since you came back from North Africa, ”

“Whats changed”

“Youve become gentler!” Butler Fu smiled and observed his expression while saying, “I passed by Chu Hes room previously and saw you taking care of her so carefully.

I realize, for the first time, that youve learned to serve…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Butler Fu saw the obvious displeasure on Gu Jinglians face and immediately changed his words awkwardly, “I mean to care for… to care for…”

Gu Jinglians expression softened.

Butler Fu then continued with what he was saying, “Old Master, youve never put yourself in a position where youve had to take care of someone else.

After your return this time round, I do feel that the relationship between Old Master and Chu He has noticeably improved!”

Why else would they say that true love is found in adversity! After all, they had gone through a life-and-death trial together.

Compared to their previous confrontations, it was indeed different.

Gu Jinglian glanced at him coldly.

“You talk a lot.”

Butler Fu tactfully shut his mouth and stopped talking! He knew that the old master was feeling embarrassed!

Gu Jinglian stood up and said expressionlessly, “Shes injured and its hard for her… Im merely…” He looked a little unnatural, obviously feeling rather awkward.

“Its only right that I take care of her a little!”

Butler Fu smirked silently, “This guy is so egoistic!”

When Chu He woke up, she lay on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

Upon returning to the Gu family residence, she had come down with a very high fever caused by the infection of her wound.

As a result, she had been in a daze and only regained some vitality last night.

Gu Jinglian suddenly pushed open the door and walked in.

Having heard his footsteps, Chu He raised her head.

When she saw him, she lay back down on the bed like a zombie.

“Are you hungry” Gu Jinglian asked.

Chu He shook her head.

“I have no appetite.”

She had been on anti-inflammatory medicine for the past few days and it made her nauseous.

She had no appetite at all.

“I want to eat something sour.”

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“Sour” Gu Jinglian reacted immediately, “Are you pregnant”

Chu He was flabbergasted.

Seeing that she did not reply, Gu Jinglian started to look awkward.

“Really” He remembered being with her previously.

“What does eating sour food have to do with pregnancy Its not like only pregnant women want sour food!” Chu He paused for a moment before she continued, “Dont worry, I took birth control pills the last time.”

Gu Jinglian did not react at first.

Then what she had said suddenly sank in.

He came back to his senses and his expression darkened.

“Contraceptive pills” He sounded displeased.

Chu He didnt notice it and responded with a grunt.

“Why did you take that”

“Of course! I was in an unsafe period.” She added, “Its so troublesome to get pregnant!”

Gu Jinglians expression darkened further.

She said it was troublesome to get pregnant.

She actually thought that getting pregnant with his child was a troublesome matter.

Gu Jinglian turned icy.

Chu He still did not notice his abnormality..

She only thought that he looked particularly awkward, but she had no idea in what ways she had offended him.


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