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Chapter 3570: A New Addition (186)

Now in order to recuperate, she must not be too reckless, and had to be careful in avoiding everything that could worsen her wounds.

Butler Fu had wanted to hire a nurse but Gu Jinglian said that it wasnt necessary, and when asked, the man wouldnt give a reason.

It was only when Butler Fu passed by the room in the middle of the night, and saw Gu Jinglian carrying Chu He and turning her over, that he suddenly realized the reason.

Old Master was worried that the nurse would be too careless and preferred to take care of her personally!

Usually, Gu Jinglian wouldnt lift a finger to do any household chores.

Other than his work and the Gu family matters, he did not care much about anything else, not to mention taking care of an injured person.

The man didnt even know how to wash a dish.

He did no housework and certainly had never served anyone before.

However, Gu Jinglian took care of Chu He for the half a month that she was bedridden.

Chu He was taken aback as well.

She did not expect Gu Jinglian to have changed so much after returning from North Africa.

Although he was still as arrogant and aloof towards her, he would always agree to her requests.

He even tried to help her with washing her face and peeling an apple.

The scary thing was that when it came to taking care of someone, he couldnt do very much apart from peeling an apple.

He would use a military dagger to peel the apple in many different ways without breaking the skin.

Too valiant!

It was an eye-opener for her.

Gu Jinglian also tasked Butler Fu to investigate a matter.

Butler Fu thought initially that it was some significant matter, but unexpectedly, he was tasked to investigate Mu Yazhes son, Yun Tianyou.

“Old Master, why are you suddenly asking about this child”

“Whats the matter”

“This child…” As he spoke, Butler Fu sighed.

“This child is simply Yun Shishis heartache!”



“Do you have a photo of Yun Tianyou”

Butler Fu shook his head.

“But I have a photo of Mu Yichen.”

“Mu Yazhes eldest son”


He and Yun Tianyou are twins, and they look exactly the same.

Old Master, Im a little curious though; why are you suddenly asking about this child”

“Because…” Gu Jinglian said faintly, “I saw him in North Africa.”

“Who” Butler Fu hesitated for a moment before his expression changed.

“Surely you dont mean Yun Tianyou”

“Gong Fan.”

“Gong Fan…”

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“You would have heard of the Hurricane Group.” Gu Jinglian paused for a moment before continuing, “The Hurricane Group acquired Wirth.

When I was in North Africa, I met a child who looked exactly like Yun Tianyou, however his name was Gong Fan, not Yun Tianyou.”


Butler Fu was stumped too.

He thought that it was very strange.

Yun Tianyou was gone, for sure.

Even after such a long time, Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi were still unable to get over it.

Yun Shishi, in particular, was still grieving.

Yun Tianyou was a name that must not be mentioned at all.

It was a sore spot in her heart.

Butler Fu said hesitantly, “Old Master, are you sure A dead person cant be walking around like that! Are you sure”

Gu Jinglian was also a little hesitant.

He had some doubts.

“Do you think there will be two people in this world who look exactly the same”

Butler Fu said in a daze, “The world is full of all sorts of strange things so I wouldnt dare jump to conclusions..

However, its indeed possible that these two people look alike! Its just that…”


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