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Chapter 288: To insinuate

Yun Shishi is not afraid of his cold face, she met his eyes and bluntly said: “Mu Yazhe, can I trouble you to assess the situation first You’re like an animal! But you know, even some animals, during mating season, pick up a good place to mate.

If you’re not ashamed, well I am, I want to keep my face!”


This woman actually compared President Mu to an animal… … 

In fact, it is understandable.

After all, President Mu has been repressing himself for a long time now.

There were no women around him.

Even his so-called fiancee didn’t match his taste.

… … his been repressing himself for a long time.

The driver couldn’t hold back himself and laugh out loud.

However, when his eyes glimpse to the rearview mirror, he felt scared and immediately bowed down his head.

Mu Yazhe raised his eyes that were full of murderous intent: “You said I’m an animal”

“Did I said that Do you have a comprehensive problem” Yun Shishi theoretically asked, then added: “What I am saying is, only animals don’t choose time and place to mate.

I didn’t directly say it was you!”

Mu Yazhe ate his bitterness.

After all, Yun Shishi’s words completely left him speechless. 

This woman is really eloquent.

She insinuates him in the surface, but she uses the animal as an analogy to describe him.

So, even if he wanted to refute, he can’t refute!

“President Mu is a noble birth.

You received higher education.

But, you don’t even know how to show respect to others” Yun Shishi keeps ranting: “If you still don’t understand what I mean, then I might as well give you another lesson.”

The man raised an eyebrow and unhappily said: “You will educate me”

When the driver heard it, he snorted and laughed.

Mu Yazhe couldn’t stand it.

So, he had no other way but to vent his anger to him: “Old Han!”

“Yes, president!”

“Why are you laughing”

“Who dared laughs” Old Han said: “Me I, I didn’t laugh.”

“You just did… …” Mu Yazhe’s voice had a hidden displeasure.

“President, I wasn’t paying attention.

I didn’t see anything.

I didn’t hear anything.” Old Han, who is a wise man, immediately defended himself.

“Get out!” Mu Yazhe said coldly.

Old Han wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and quickly turned off the car engine.

Then, he slowly moves the curtain and abandoned the driver seat.

When the curtain was closed.

The backseat becomes like a closed space.

“What are you planning to do” When the driver gets off the car, Yun Shishi looked at Mu Yazhe and saw him with a terrible face.

He is obviously angry.

Yin Shishi zipped her mouth and felt horrible.

Earlier, she couldn’t help but reprimand him.

But now, she really regretted it.

It seems like… she really made him angry!

Yun Shishi turned around and open the car door.

But, the door was locked.

Without unlocking the central locked, the door will not open.

Behind her, Mu Yazhe stretch out his long arm and pulled her back to his arms, then coldly said: “Are you satisfied”

“… …”

“Now, only the two of us are inside the car.

There is no outsider.”

Yun Shishi tightened her heart and angrily said: “Are you an animal”

“You already said that before.

I am an animal.”

Mu Yazhe dubiously approaches her and smelled the fragrance from her body.

Mu Yazhe felt like he was poisoned.

The woman’s smell was a poison, and there is no cure for it.

Even if he had enough, he still finds it not enough.

He had never longed for a woman like this.

This poison is like a deadly poison, no one can cure it.

Seeing that the man’s action is getting more and more intimidating, Yun Shishi’s body got tense.

She pushes him and said: “No, I don’t like it inside the car!”

“I like it.” Mu Yazhe’s handsome eyebrow move up: “It will be very exciting!”


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