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Chapter 3551: A New Addition (167)

Chu He also closed her eyes.

Perhaps it was because she had traveled through the night, and coupled with the intensity at which she was working, she was too tired, so she immediately fell asleep.

She fell into a deep sleep.

Then at some point, she felt Linxi trying to wake her up.

Chu He opened her eyes and found herself staring down the black muzzle of the gun.

It was as though cold air was emitting from it.

Almost instinctively, she reached out to grab the gun at her waist, but in the next second, a bayonet was thrust before her.

She recognized it.

An AK47, equipped with a sharp triangular bayonet.

The blade of the triangular bayonet was shaped like a prism.

It was a knife with three sides and three blood grooves.

This meant that a stab from this blade would cause rapid bleeding.

The muscles would contract and they would not be able to stick close to the surface of the blade, there would be no suction to the surface of the blade.

A square-shaped wound would be formed that is unable to stop bleeding and heal.

This type of injury, if not treated immediately, would simply result in death from bleeding.

Furthermore, in such an environment, being stabbed by a triangular blade would most certainly result in death.

Chu Hes gaze moved along the gun to the hand that held it, and saw a black man in tattered clothes with a red scarf.

She immediately recognized him as belonging to the rebel troops!

The triangular blade was only an inch away from her forehead.

Even if he didnt make a move, she would be stabbed in her forehead if she moved ever so slightly…

However, Chu He calmed down very quickly.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Linxi kneeling on the ground with his hands over the back of his head.

From afar, there was a large group of black men with red head scarves standing in the middle of the field.

Rows of civilians were kneeling on the ground with their hands over the back of their heads, trembling…

Chu He immediately realized that this place had been invaded by the rebel army!

She let go of the pistol and raised her hands in a gesture of surrender.

Another black man walked over and took the gun from her waist.

Then, he grabbed her collar and threw her into the middle of the field.

Within a moment, she had the current situation figured out.

The lane shed driven down yesterday was muddy.

The car drove past, leaving deep tire marks.

These marks probably attracted the attention of the rebel army.

They followed the tracks and came here, exposing this shelter.

Chu He was dragged downstairs.

Everyone was glaring at her angrily! Her arrival had attracted the rebel army!

They originally had the chance to hide till the rescue team came, but now, she had exposed this place and implicated so many people!

Chu He was thrown to the middle of the field and interrogated, “Whose car is it”

She kept silent.

The car had been locked.

These men had smashed the window and found her combat bag.

They had also dug through many things.

They had found the pass documents in the bag, so they suspected that the owner of the car was a spy from the government army who had come to gather information.

Chu He did not speak.

She must not admit it.

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Besides, there was a lot of cash, food, and fresh water in the car.

If she admitted to it, they would definitely take away her car keys, open the car, and plunder all the supplies inside.

The rebel army saw that there was complete silence.

Their eyes searched the crowd.

Suddenly, they walked into the crowd and pulled Linxi out.

He was the youngest person among the crowd.

The soldier took a bucket of oil from the side, unplugged the cap, and poured oil all over him.

The cold and sticky fluid drenched his entire body!


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