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It turned out that after the Hurricane Group took over Wirth, all of the higher-ups in Wirth wanted to provide a cover for Gu Jinglian to leave as soon as possible.

However, they were ambushed by the rebel army halfway.

The two sides had no choice but to split up and spread out.

There had been no news of Gu Jinglian after that.

When Chu He heard this, she frowned.

“How many people did Gu Jinglian have with him when you split”

“About thirty.

Five of them are mercenaries.

Theyre very strong.”

“Which means someone is protecting him.”


“In your opinion, where could he be now”

The man looked troubled.

“I really cant say for sure.

Jamal is neither big nor small.

All the communication bases within a hundred miles have been cut off.

President Gu doesnt have a satellite phone, so we cant contact him.

However, I guess they wont go too far either! After all, the neutral zone has already fallen.

Its too chaotic outside.

President Gu and the rest will probably find a place to hide.”

“Right now, apart from a portion of the armed forces, no one else can enter the country.

So even if they were waiting to be rescued, who would be able to rescue them”

“Ive heard that everyone in the embassy has evacuated.

A portion of the Chinese population hasnt evacuated yet, but the fleet should be here soon.

My guess is theyll be heading towards the embassy.”

Chu Hemai interrupted him and said, “The embassy is sealed up now.

There are rebels outside and in the war zone.

If you want to go to the embassy by foot, its very dangerous.”

The person was suddenly puzzled and asked, “How did you get in”

“By car.”

“By car”

That person turned pale with fright.

“You drove your car straight in So many checkpoints have been occupied by the rebels…”

“I didnt pass through the checkpoints.

I took the side lanes.”

Chu He paused and suddenly sighed.

“However, the car is out of gas.

Do you have gasoline here”

“Yes we do, but… Are you going to look for President Gu now”

That person said with a troubled expression, “It wont work during the day! At night, the crossfire ceases.

During the day, its chaotic outside.

Its too dangerous.

Why dont you stay here and rest for a night.

When night comes, you can go out and look for them.

Theres no time to lose.”

Chu He nodded.

“I know.”

She lowered her head and said to Linxi, “Lets rest here for the night.”

“Uh huh.”

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Chu He and Linxi went to the second floor and found a corner.

There was no bed, only a hard and cold mat.

They lay down.

The weather was getting cold at this time of the year.

Just lying on the mat without any cover, it was inevitable that it would be a little cold.

Linxi curled up in a corner, shivering.

Suddenly, a coat was thrown over him.

The boy turned around, and saw that Chu He had taken off her thick coat and covered him with it.

She only had a combat vest on her and it was very thin.

Linxi found this extremely heart-warming and was touched, but he asked uneasily, “Arent you cold”

“No, Im used to it.” No matter how tough the environment was, she had experienced it before.

Compared to when she was walking in the humid rainforest, such an environment paled in comparison.

She lay down.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Linxi move closer to her.

He covered her with part of the coat and hugged her tightly.

“Go to sleep!” Chu He said with a flushed face before closing her eyes.


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