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Chu He drove towards the neutral zone.


There were a total of five countries in North Africa.

However, the central neutral zone was Beria, the most prosperous region in North Africa.


This place was far away from the Sahara Desert and was a prime area in North Africa.

Therefore, it was very developed with oil and many mineral resources.


Historically, North Africa suffered famines and plagues.

At the same time, it was war-stricken.


The car finally reached the border of Beria and passed several checkpoints, all of which were cleared with food and American dollars.

Upon entering the country, the devastation of the war was more visible.


The once-bustling streets were now quiet and deserted.


On the roadside, piles of rubble and bodies littered the ground.

Just over a dozen hours ago, the crossfire had hit the central area.

On the way, her car had been intercepted many times.

Once, it had been stopped directly by the rebel army.

Chu He saw that they had tanks and missiles, so she obediently parked her car and accepted the inspection.


Chu He got out of the car and showed her Chinese passport.


Now, the nation was powerful and the passport had become a recognized pass.

As long as she showed her passport, she would not be put in a spot.


Then, Chu He moved aside and allowed them to search her car.


However, they only found some daily necessities in her pack and did not check anything else.

When she entered the country, she had gotten rid of her pistol in advance because she knew very well that if she were to encounter the rebel army, being found to be possessing a gun could get her into trouble.

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As for the food and cash, Chu He couldnt possibly lose these, so she hid them in other compartments of the car.


Perhaps because of racial dominance, there was suppression of intelligence among the majority black community in Beria, and these men werent very smart.

As a result, not being able to find any food among her belongings, they let her pass.

It wasnt that Chu He despised them, but the lack of intelligence of these soldiers could make her cry.


It was already dawn by the time she reached the border of Beria.


She found an international hotel and made do for the day.

After resting for a few hours, she continued heading towards the heart of the crossfire.


The war had reached Beria.

Many of its cities had fallen.

The Wirth factory was in Jamal, one of the few cities that had fallen.

Jamal was dozens of miles from the capital of Beria.


She rested, refilled her gas tank, and set off again until she reached the border of Jamal city.

As night fell, she circumvented the checkpoint and entered the city through an alternative entry point.


She was quite familiar with the terrain here, so she managed to drive around many battle zones and avoided much unnecessary trouble.


On entering Jamal, she could sense that the entire city was shrouded in the shadow of death.

The smoke of war filled the air.

Even at night, Chu He could still see many refugees on the streets, hugging their families and crying in despair.


The roads were bloody.

It was easy to imagine how intense the battle had been during the day.

Hell on earth, city of despair.


The embassy was located in the heart of Jamal, close to the government building.

Relying on her memory, Chu He found the main building and saw that it was on the verge of collapsing from the bombarding.

There was a huge hole on the wall framed by blood stains.

The glass door was shattered and there were countless casualties at the entrance with corpses piled up.


On the other side, the embassy close to the government building was safe and sound.


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