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Pausing for a moment, Gong Fan lazily propped his chin on his hand and indulged in Gu Jinglians livid expression.

He continued unhurriedly, “Look, if I were to use your wifes and sons lives to threaten you into signing this agreement, would you sign it or refuse to sign it”

His seemingly calm tone was filled with threat!

Gu Jinglian glared at him, as he gradually clenched his fists! Behind Gong Fan, the sound of a gun being loaded could be heard! If he were to make any moves, he would definitely be killed immediately!

“Youre threatening me.”

“That will depend on whether you take it as such.”

Even if they had to fight to the death, Gong Fan was determined to acquire this test site.

The success of Project Deva Eye depended on whether the land could be successfully acquired.

Hence, this agreement was not just any agreement to Gong Fan.

Gu Jinglian laughed coldly.

“Why should I believe you Will you let my wife and son off after I sign this agreement”

Compared to the Gu family, the Hurricane Group was more ruthless and unscrupulous! So what if he signed the agreement Since Gong Fan had found out about Gu Chengze and Chu He and even knew their movements, he could pose a threat to them anytime and anywhere! Even in this immediate situation, if he were to sign the agreement, he might not get out of here alive.

Before this negotiation, Gu Jinglian and Gong Fan both had their own chances of winning.

They were very confident that they could win thisbattle!

However, they had both miscalculated.

Gong Fan did not expect Gu Jinglian to have planted explosives throughout the piece of land.

And Gu Jinglian did not expect Gong Fan to have investigated Chu He and Gu Chengzes background within such a short time!

In the face of the Hurricane Group, which was like an overlord, the Gu familys final bargaining chip did not seem very convincing!

Gu Jinglian slowly closed his eyes.

It was lonely at the top.

With his status, falling in love was no different from touching the door of death.

The thing they feared the most when they were involved in such bloodbath situations was to have the enemy grab their Achilles heel.

This weakness could be fatal!

Hence, he had always kept a distance from women.

Even though he had had women in the past, he never had feelings for them! He knew very well that if he were to reveal his true feelings, his weakness would undoubtedly be exposed.


“Yes, I am despicable.” Gong Fan laughed coldly.

“Would this be your first encounter with the way of the Hurricane Group Ive never bragged about being a gentleman and would resort to unscrupulous means to achieve my goals.

This is my way of handling things.”

His gaze fell on the agreement again.

“Sign it.”


“Dont worry, I dont like to shoot people in the back.

Sign it and Ill let you leave North Africa safely.”

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Gu Jinglian laughed out of anger and gritted his teeth.

“Then how should I thank you”

He took the agreement, held the pen in his hand, and looked at the agreement column.

“To permanently release ownership of 500 acres of land at Murphy Road…” The mans eyes instantly turned red with anger!

“Why Are you unwilling to accept this”

Gong Fan raised his eyebrows nonchalantly.

“Look at that.

What an angry expression.

But I like it a lot.”

He especially liked the look of humiliation and anger on a powerful man.


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