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There was only one word to describe it.

Youyou was warm.

However, Gong Fan represented destruction.

Lisa could recall the time when Youyou joined the Hurricane Group, he had solemnly vowed, “Only by being strong enough can we protect those whom we want to protect!” However, when the pure and warm Youyou was sealed up forever, he returned as a cold and unfeeling youth.

“Only when one is strong enough will one not be controlled by others.” Gong Fan, who had returned, was like a terrifyingly ambitious person.

“Master…” She looked up with a conflicted expression and mustered up her courage to ask, “Do you… still remember Yun Tianyou”

In her memory, there was warmth in Yun Tianyous smile.

But now, when their eyes meet, the Youyou she knew had become so cold.

Gong Fan turned around expressionlessly and raised his handsome brows.

“Who is Yun Tianyou”


“Should I know him”

“Have you forgotten Not even a trace of memory”

Gong Fans voice was as cold as ice.

“I dont remember this name.” As such, he should be an unimportant person and not worth remembering.

Lisas smiled weakly.

“Its alright… since you dont remember.”

She paused and said, “Its cold.

Shall we go back to the room”

As Gong Fan entered the room, Lisa shut the door to the balcony and stared at his back view thoughtfully.

The next night.

At the hotel conference hall.

It was 7pm when Gu Jinglian arrived.

On his way here, he had passed by the battle zone and it caused some delay.

When they arrived at the conference hall, the entire hall was filled with people in black suits.

These were all the higher-ups of the Hurricane Groups North African market.

A boy in a black cloak was sitting at the table with his back facing him.

The brim of his hat was positioned to obscure his entire face.

Gu Jinglians subordinate alerted him that the boy in the black cloak was Gong Fan.

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“Why… its a child.”

“Im meeting him for the first time as well.

I didnt expect him to be such a young child…”

Gu Jinglian was about to walk in when a subordinate grabbed him from behind and said anxiously, “President Gu, Im worried that this might be an ambush…”

It was said that very few people had seen Gong Fan in person.

Most people who had seen him in person no longer existed.

One could imagine how ruthless this child was.

He was simply like the angel of death.

“So what” Gu Jinglian looked back and replied icily, “Ever since I stepped into North Africa, Ive already entered the Hurricane Groups territory.”


“Since were already here, lets take things as they come.” Gu Jinglian walked in and sat down at the table.

Gong Fan heard footsteps behind him and slowly turned around.

When he saw the man, he smiled frostily and remarked, “Youre three minutes late.”

“Oh” Gu Jinglian raised an eyebrow but did not think much of it.

“So, what punishment will there be for being late”

“That depends on your performance.”

The boy had a thin and cold voice.

He raised his hand and a man beside him immediately walked over and handed him a document.

Gong Fan slid the document across to Gu Jinglian and said in a quiet voice, “You should have already read through this agreement.”

“Yeah, Ive seen it.”

Gu Jinglians gaze fell on the document, but he laughed mockingly.

“So… you invited me here not to negotiate, but to sign this document.”

“Our time is precious, so theres no need to waste it.”


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