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This name was like the top secret of the entire Hurricane Group.

No one could ask about it.

They only knew that this name represented the highest authority.

Gong Jie was the chief commander of Hurricane Group.

Before this, other than Gong Shaoying, everyone else had to obey his orders.

However, Gong Fans appearance broke this “monopoly”.

Even though Gong Jie was officially still the chief commander, the trend in the Hurricane Group had been reversed.

Gong Fan, a name that no one had ever heard of, had become the highest authority.

Gong Jie would never have expected that the child called Gong Fan was actually Youyou.

“War has always been an unsolvable proposition.” Gong Fan opened his eyes slightly as he said in his thin and icy voice.

“Gong Jie actually wants to use Project Deva Eye to achieve peace.

Hes utterly foolish.”

Lisa frowned, but a strange expression crossed her face.

It was only because of Youyous bold idea that the Project Deva Eye was created.

The aim of the so-called Project Deva Eye was to lock onto the Sky Territory through quantum technology and gain absolute control over the airspace.

Once this control had been secured, they would be able to even forcibly block a war.

When this plan was proposed, everyone had their own ideas.

World peace

No more war

Almost everyone objected.

One had to know that the Hurricane Groups existence was possible only because of war.

If there were no wars in this world, then there would be no Hurricane Group.

If there were no wars in this world and the firearms business vanished, how would the Hurricane Group survive With so many weapons in their inventory, how were they going to sell them What was even more unbelievable was that Youyou was very certain about this project.

Securing the airspace and gaining absolute control of the skies meant becoming the overlord of all countries.

As the saying goes, its lonely at the top.

Since ancient times, not a single dynasty has been able to retain a thousand years of history because there is no end to the ambitions of human beings.

This is almost a biological instinct.

In the animal world, the strong prey on the weak.

The weak fill the stomachs of the strong.

Similarly for the human world.

Everyone wants to be the winner.

From petty schemes to internal strife in the workplace to the conflicts of interest between countries, no one has ever been able to escape from the whirlpool of interests.

This is the only law that exists in this world.

Passively or actively, human beings have learned to fight for something from the moment they gained consciousness.

Power, wealth, ambition, lust, and even women.

Those at the top wanted to hold on to their thrones, while those at the bottom wanted to climb up, resorting to unscrupulous means.

There had never been a single person who could maintain his position as the overlord for thousands of years.

World peace

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This was the greatest joke of the century.

The war will end when human ambitions wither.

Similarly, civil society will regress for hundreds of years and then stagnate.

Compared to Youyous ambition, Gong Fans ambition was even greater.

The evening breeze blew gently.

“I want all the wars in this world to be born because of me and cease because of me.”

Upon hearing that, Lisa widened her eyes in shock.

Gong Fan suddenly turned around with an icy and strange smile on his face..

“Lisa, this is the core purpose of the Project Deva Eye.


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