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Gong Fan

To these higher-ups, this was definitely a name that was at once unfamiliar yet familiar.

Unfamiliar, because they had never heard of this child named Gong Fan before.

There were only a few people in the Gong family.

Gong Fan was not one of them.

Now, however, Gong Shaoying had suddenly announced to everyone that Gong Fan had officially been appointed as the person in charge of Project Deva Eye.

Gong Shaoying did not say much about the childs identity and background.

He only said that he was the future heir of the Gong family and would be the successor to his position as well as the future owner of Hurricane Group.

It was said that this child was only 12 years old.

However, everyone who had seen him before felt that 12 years old was an exaggeration.

This child looked to be only eight or nine years old!

What was even more shocking, was that this childs methods and capabilities, as well as his outstanding talent in the military and business fields, were absolutely unprecedented.

After he was appointed as the chief of Project Deva Eye, he began to prepare a series of research and development initiatives.

Everyone knew what Project Deva Eye meant to the Hurricane Group.

If the project succeeded, Hurricane would become the worlds undisputed overlord.

Buying a few pieces of prime land in North Africa for research and investing hundreds of millions of US dollars to develop the research base was one thing on the list.

Nearly one billion USDs worth of equipment were shipped to North Africa in five batches within a span of 10 days.

This was another.

The third was to get rid of more than ten freeloading leaders in Hurricane Group, who were doing nothing for their North African market.

In less than a month, the name Gong Fan had gained itself a reputation that was enough to make many people fearful.

Now, he was actually out to compete with the Gu family for North Africas territory.

This shocked many people.

The Gu familys dominance in the North African market was certainly quite extraordinary.

He was just a child, yet he dared to go against the Gu family.

Was it merely a case of ignorance that he dared to be this audacious

The boy walked over to a row of shelves that were covered with a thick layer of dust-proof cloth.

He lifted the cover and the intricate instrument parts came into view.

He said expressionlessly, “The acquisition meeting is taking place tomorrow”


I heard that the Gu family has arrived.

Weve already sent a liaison.

Gu Jinglian will be there tomorrow night.”

“No matter what, we must get Gu Jinglian to sign the agreement.”


The few senior executives looked at each other with troubled expressions.

“Young Master, its not a good thing to offend the Gu family either! They are very tight-lipped.

It will be difficult to get them to sign the agreement.”

“Thats right.

Gu Jinglian is a ruthless character.

After all, they have been dominating the market in North Africa for many years.

It will be difficult to remove them from the market in North Africa!”

“The Gu familys military factories in North Africa are highly profitable.

Almost a fifth of the Gu familys income comes from this business.

Im afraid it will be very difficult to get them to give up this piece of land!”

The boy turned around, his expression frosty.

“I only look at the results, not the process.

If they dont sign, they can forget about leaving North Africa alive.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone broke out in cold sweat from his imposing aura! The rumors were true.

The boy was so young, yet so ruthless..

And he spoke so arrogantly.

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