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Chapter 3523: A New Addition (139)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu He was startled but didnt reply.

Gu Jinglian went into the room and shut the door behind him.

The next morning, before Butler Fu could wake him up, Baby Chu got out of bed.

After washing up, he pestered Butler Fu to send him to kindergarten.

Butler Fu knew that he was worried about Shenger, so he sent Baby Chu to to school earlier than usual.

Baby Chu came to school, but he did not see Shenger.

The children filed into the classroom one after another.

By the time the form teacher stepped into the classroom, Shengers desk was still empty.

At the morning briefing, the form teacher made an announcement.

“Everyone has noticed that Shenger is not in school today.

On the weekend, something unfortunate happened.” The form teacher told all the children about the car accident and death of Shengers parents.

Upon hearing this, the class was in an uproar.

“Sunday Wasnt that Baby Chus birthday”

“How did this happen…”

Baby Chu suddenly stood up nervously and said with great concern, “Teacher, is Shenger going to stop coming to school”

“No, shes just taken a few days off.”

As the Bai family had to take care of funeral and burial matters, they were very busy.

In addition, as the eldest daughter of the deceased, Shenger had to be around for the funeral.

When Baby Chu heard this, he sat back down gloomily and was distracted all day.

Shenger must be very sad! However, there was nothing he could do! At this thought, Baby Chu felt completely powerless!

After returning home, he continued to be in a gloomy mood.

When Chu He returned home from work, he tugged on Chu Hes sleeve and asked, “Mommy, may I attend the funeral of Shengers parents”

“…You wish to go”

“Shenger must be very upset, I want to accompany her!”

Chu He nodded when she heard this, and called the form teacher.

When this matter was brought up, the form teacher checked Shengers household registration information and sent her the address via text message.

The next day, Chu He applied for leave and brought Baby Chu to Shengers home.

Shengers family lived in a small district not far from the kindergarten.

Her parents were not locals in the capital, but after they graduated from university, they built their careers in the capital, got to know each other, fell in love, and got married.

In the end, through continuous hard work, they finally settled down in the capital.

It was said that Shengers father was a senior manager of a company and drew an annual salary of hundreds of thousands, while her mother was a white-collar worker of the company, and her income was similarly considerable.

The two of them bought this house.

It was not a big house, but they worked hard to purchase it without relying on their parents.

They arrived at Shengers house.

The moment they stepped through the doorway, they could hear a series of cries coming from the mourning hall.

Chu He held Baby Chus hand and walked in.

She saw Shenger kneeling beside the two coffins and sobbing non-stop and continuously wiping her tears.

Shengers grandparents seemed to have aged overnight and looked extremely frail.

People kept coming to pay tribute.

Chu He and Baby Chu walked into the mourning hall.

She reminded Baby Chu, “Baby Chu, kowtow to Shengers parents!”

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“Uh huh! Okay…” Baby Chu did as he was told and very sensibly knelt on the cushion, then kowtowed three times.

When he stood up, he bowed deeply again and said facing the wooden tablets, “Shengers parents, may you rest in peace!”

Shenger looked up and when she saw Baby Chu, her eyes finally regained some focus..

She pouted and a few more tears rolled down her cheeks.


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