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Chapter 3522: A New Addition (138)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu He had just turned around when Gu Jinglians voice rang out behind her.

“I have to make an overseas trip in a few days.”

She was stunned for a moment.

She was not sure why he was informing her of this.

She did not have the right to mind whether he was going overseas or not, right She turned around in surprise.

Since he had mentioned it to her, she guessed she should “care” about it.

“Overseas Where to”

“South Africa.”

“Did something happen”

“Theres a problem with the business.

I need to go personally.”

“Business You have business in South Africa”

Gu Jinglian replied, “Yes.”

It was only then that Chu He suddenly remembered.

She had investigated Gu Jinglian while she was with the Interpol.

The Gu family had a very important stake in the military firearms market in North Africa.

The North African market was in chaos.

Other than the involvement of various political forces, apart from the Hurricane Group, the Gu family could be said to have the second largest share of the North African market.

In addition, in North Africa, the Gu family had built two large military factories that covered a large area.

However, compared to Hurricane Groups military factories, the Gu family was well aware that they could not compete with Hurricanes market share in high-end products such as armed machines, tanks, and armored vehicles.

Therefore, they mainly produced guns and ammunition.

Guns and ammunition might seem small, but during wartimes, guns and ammunition cost a lot.

Therefore, the Gu family also had a considerable market share.

However, there was news from North Africa recently that the Hurricane Group was planning to purchase ten pieces of land.

One of them was the largest military factory belonging to the Gu family.

According to the news, the reason why Hurricane Group was buying ten pieces of land was to develop a certain plan for testing the nuclear war track and to build the worlds strongest signal magnetic field.

Because it was a forced acquisition, there was almost no way to compete with it.

Hurricane Group had made an outright request for Gu Jinglian to hurry over to North Africa as soon as possible to complete Hurricane Groups acquisition plan.

Gu Jinglian was furious.

What was this

When did the Hurricane Group become so overbearing

Even if it were Gong Jie, if he were to get involved in this acquisition process, he would discuss it with him and settle it peacefully.

Where exactly did the Gu family stand in this forceful acquisition by Hurricane Group

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Chu He realised that there might be a problem with the North African market.

However, from what she knew, the war in North Africa was chaotic.

It would be dangerous to travel there.

“I heard that there are many war zones in North Africa.” After a pause, Chu He asked suspiciously, “Are you going alone”

When Gu Jinglian heard this, he looked at her meaningfully.

He sized her up and suddenly curved his lips slightly.

“Are you worried about me”

Chu He was briefly stunned before she snorted and said casually, “Im just reminding you out of goodwill that there are many battle zones.

Its too dangerous for you to go alone to the chaotic region!” With that, she turned around awkwardly, headed into the study and lay down on the sofa.

Gu Jinglians expression immediately darkened! This woman was not lovable at all!

He stood up and walked to the study.

He saw that Chu He had already laid out the blanket and was lying down.

When she saw him, she immediately turned around and faced him.

She closed her eyes and muttered, “Im going to sleep!”

Gu Jinglian snorted icily and walked towards the bedroom.

He suddenly stopped at the doorway and remarked calmly, “Are you planning to sleep on the sofa for the rest of your life”


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