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Chapter 3513: A New Addition (129)

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Chu He quickly explained, “The phone was turned off.

It might be out of battery!”

“Whats going on Why did she switch her phone off” Feeling aggrieved, Shenger asked, “Did Mommy forget about me”

Chu He smiled and comforted her, “How could that be possible Dont overthink it.

Maybe your mommy got off work late, or maybe she was caught in a traffic jam…”

Shenger pouted and looked extremely upset, like an abandoned stray dog with teary eyes.

Baby Chu walked over and said to her, “Shenger, dont worry, if your mommy really forgot about you, you can stay at my house tonight, we can sleep together!”

Its often said, children speak freely without thinking.

Given Baby Chus EQ and IQ, what a way to reassure a girl! It would have been better off if he had not said it, but now he made Shenger think that she had really been abandoned.

Her reddened eyes instantly filled with tears!

“Sob sob sob! I want to go home!” As Shenger spoke, she walked towards the door.

Chu He glared at Baby Chu and poked his head.

“Do you know how to coax girls”

Baby Chu was stumped.

Chu He said, “Youre only scaring Shenger by saying that!”

The child, being so young, would of course wonder if her mommy had abandoned her since she had not come to take her home.

What else would she think

After all, children are simple-minded and straightforward.

“Mommy…” Shenger ran to the door and stood there, craning her neck to look around.

However, it was quiet outside the door.

She looked around for a long time but it was futile.

Did her mother really not want her anymore Tears streaming down her face, Shenger sniffled.

Her hands were intertwined together, and she looked extremely worried.

Seeing her standing at the door looking so worried, Chu He walked over and squatted beside her, hugging her small body.

“Shenger, dont worry! Maybe your mother has something on and shes late”


“If it gets too late and she hasnt turned up, sleep with Baby Chu tonight, okay”

“How could Mommy not come and pick me up Its already this late.”

Lingsheng fiddled with her fingers and said aggrievedly, “Does Mommy not want Shenger anymore after having a baby”


“Uh huh!” Only then did Shenger reveal her worries.

It turned out that Shengers mother was pregnant with a second child, it was confirmed last month.

One night, she had a serious talk with the girl.

“Shenger, havent you always wanted younger siblings”

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Shangsheng blinked, not quite understanding.

When she was younger, she had seen a pair of twins in her neighbors house.

The boy and the girl twins often walked around together, holding hands.

Shenger was very envious and had unintentionally mentioned that if she had a younger sister or brother, she would not be lonely! Hence, her mother took those words to heart.

Recently, Shengers mother suspected that she was pregnant and went to the hospital for a checkup.

When she found out that she was more than two months pregnant, the whole family was very happy!

When Shenger heard that her mother was pregnant with another child, she was initially very happy!

She said, “Sure! Of course! If I have younger siblings, Ill definitely take good care of them!”

However, when she went to school and told the other children about this, she heard many complaints.

“I hate my brother!”

“I dont like my sister either.

Ever since she was born, I feel like I dont exist anymore..”


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