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Shenger blushed shyly and replied, “Baymax, how are you!” She paused for a moment and suddenly smiled brightly with her hands behind her back.

She asked nervously, “Baymax, may I… hug you”

Baymax cocked his head to the side.

Outwardly, he looked very adorable, but inside his costume, the man with a scar on his face looked depressed.

He was not good at dealing with children!

However, even then, Baby Chu glared fiercely at him from the side as if he would kill him if he dared to refuse! Baymax immediately spread open his arms and said gently, “Of course!”

Shengers face turned even redder, but she happily lunged towards Baymax!

Upstairs, Gu Jinglian watched silently at the garden full of cartoon characters and kids with a darkened expression.

Having such a stupid and crazy son like Baby Chu was enough to give him a headache, to begin with! Now, there was this group of brats.

Especially the fact that there were a few naughty kids who were fooling around in the courtyard.

They climbed up the landscape mountains nimbly and there was a large body of water right below.

Butler Fu stood under the landscape mountains anxiously and tried all ways to coax them down.

“Not coming down! Not coming down!”

“Wow! There are so many fish in the pond!”

“The fish is so cute! I really want to touch it!”

A group of children laid by the pool, looking around.

Gu Jinglian raised his eyebrows.

He could hear the chatter of the children, it sounded as if thousands of mosquitoes were flying around his ears.

That was why he hated kids of this age the most.

They were especially annoying!

Speaking of Gu Jinglian, he did not like spoiled brats.

Initially, he did not have much patience for Baby Chu.

However, after spending some time together and getting used to this guy, he sometimes found him cute.

Although he was really annoying at times.

However, the lad was his son.

But when it came to other kids, he might not have half the patience to deal with them!

Gu Jinglian shut the window and returned to the study.

After a while, Butler Fu walked upstairs and knocked on the door.

“Old Master, were about to cut the cake!”

“I dont need to be there surely!” Gu Jinglian said impatiently.

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The thought of going downstairs to cut the cake and having to face dozens of little fools… it was just too troublesome.

“This… is not ideal, isnt it After all, youre Baby Chus father and the boy is celebrating his birthday.

If youre not present on Baby Chus birthday, youll… inevitably make the little guy unhappy!”

Gu Jinglian was flabbergasted.

He frowned somewhat wearily and stood up.

Ten minutes later, Gu Jinglian appeared downstairs and happened to see Chu He pushing the three-tier cake carefully into the dining room.

The dining room was huge and there were ten tables with four children sitting at each.

However, Baby Chu and Shenger had a table to themselves!

The table was filled with sumptuous dishes, fruits, desserts, and all sorts of delicacies.

However, the children did not care about these! They were looking forward to the cake, so the food in front of them did not attract their attention at all!

Everyone looked around in anticipation!

When Chu He slowly pushed the cake tower into the dining room, the exquisite creation caught the eyes of the brats and caused a great commotion!

No one had ever seen such a beautiful and exquisite cake!

Although the children here were all from wealthy families, but not every family would spend a few thousand yuan to customize such expensive birthday cakes.


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