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Chapter 3506: A New Addition (122)

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Become a police officer His grandson was the future successor of the Gu family!

What a good-for-nothing!

Butler Fu also recalled that at that time, there was a murder in Animal City in one of the episodes of the Black Cat Detective.

A male praying mantis had died.

In the end, the Black Cat Detective solved the case.

It turned out that two praying mantises got married, and the male praying mantis had given himself to be the female praying mantis food, so that she could give birth to his child.

It turned out that female praying mantises need nutrition when they are gestating, hence the male praying mantises would sacrifice themselves to supply this .

This scared Gu Jinglian so much that on that same night, he hid under the blanket and swore that he would never get married.

Butler Foo had explained to him several times that praying mantises were not human beings.

His future wife would not eat him.

Gu Jinglian was eventually convinced.

This was not the silliest thing though.

The silliest time was when they went on the streets and passed by a shop.

At that time, Gu Jinglian, who was only four years old, saw a bubble machine in the shop.

It looked like a pistol.

When the trigger was pulled, streams of bubbles would be released.

At the time, it was a very novel toy and very expensive, but many children liked it.

When he saw it, he said he wanted it.

Butler Fu did not agree to it, so Gu Jinglian crossed his arms over his chest and sat cross-legged on the ground, refusing to speak.

This child was stubborn, and although he didnt cry or make a fuss, he refused to speak.

He stubbornly stood there, looking as though he wouldnt move from the spot if he didnt have his way.

Butler Fu was not going to let him have his way, so he pretended to leave.

However, after walking out of the store and for quite a distance, this little guy didnt follow.

He turned back curiously, only to see that the boy was still sitting on the ground, refusing to move.

Eventually, even the boss couldnt stand it anymore.

He handed the boy a bunch of bubble machines and said, “Here, stop sulking! Ill give these to you, okay”

It was also because he found Gu Jinglian too adorable.

The boy had a fair and tender face, and when he got angry, his cheeks would puff up like a bun.

Gu Jinglian refused the gift, however.

He wanted to buy the toy and refused to take it for free.

Butler Fu had no choice but to buy it in the end.

On the way home, Gu Jinglian held the bubble gun in his arms and couldnt bear to let it go.

He played along the way and by the time he reached home, the machine couldnt even spit out bubbles anymore.

He was an intelligent boy and knew how the bubbles were made.

He went to refill the machine with more detergent and had a great time playing with it.

When Chu He heard this, she laughed till she was swaying back and forth.

She did not expect Gu Jinglian to be so cute when he was young.

Only then did she realize where Baby Chu had inherited his stupidity!

Initially, she analyzed Baby Chu from all possible angles and could not figure out whose genes this guy had inherited.

She was known for her cold personality, yet this guy was so bubbly.

More importantly, he was very stupid.

Sometimes, he would be moved to tears just watching cartoons!

Now she knew that Baby Chu was indeed Gu Jinglians biological son.

Chu He walked up to him and sized him up with narrowed eyes.

“Tell me, why were you so cute when you were young”

At the same time, she found it quite unbelievable!

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If it werent for the fact that Butler Fu had mentioned it unintentionally, she would never have imagined that the young Gu Jinglian would be this adorable.

She had always had the impression that the young Gu Jinglian would have been a bully, domineering, rude and unreasonable.

Alternatively, he would have been like a little old man with a sullen expression, someone who didnt get along with the other children.

Unexpectedly, he was as childish as the other children!

“Shut up!” Gu Jinglians face turned strangely red.

He turned around and snorted, obviously feeling awkward! He gritted his teeth in silence.

This Butler Fu had been talking about his past again.

Such an unreliable blabbermouth! Didnt he forbid the man from bringing these things up!


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