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Chapter 3505: A New Addition (121)

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Baby Chu shouted excitedly.

The entire courtyard was filled with his favorite cartoon characters.

He was as happy as a little mouse that had fallen into a rice vat!

Early in the morning, Gu Jinglian was startled by Baby Chus loud cries coming from downstairs.

His eyes were still full of sleep when he vaguely heard Baby Chus voice from outside the window.

“Wow! Judy Hopps, may I have your autograph! Im your little fan! Ive seen yourZootopia several times! Youre my idol! Youre my idol!”


The ends of Gu Jinglians brows twitched violently.

He was a little confused.

He got off the bed, walked to the window, and threw open the curtains.

Through the window, he suddenly spotted cartoon characters walking around the yard, and his expression darkened!

The burly and tough subordinates of the Gu family residence had been all forced to change into cartoon character costumes and were now walking around the yard.

There were colorful hydrogen balloons and ribbons on the trees…

Where was this

The Gu family residence had always had a cold atmosphere.

It was beautifully classical and elegant, with a sense of oppression about it.

But now, it had suddenly become like a fairytale paradise!

Gu Jinglian was flabbergasted.

He walked to the study and saw Chu He lying on the sofa with her arms behind her head, sleeping soundly.

He kicked her awake.

Chu He woke up with a start.

She sat up on the sofa, looked up and saw Gu Jinglians sullen face.

He was glaring at her frostily, as if he was silently interrogating her!

“What have you done”

Chu He was confused.

“Why are you so angry so early in the morning”

Right after she said that, Baby Chus voice floated in from outside the window again.

“Baymax! Can I hug you”

“…” Chu He rushed to the window and saw “Baymax”, who was carrying a broom and trying his best to clean the yard, being bowled over by Baby Chu.

He fell to the ground on his back, his hands and feet struggled and flailed wildly about, but he could not get up!

Baby Chu helped him stand up with much difficulty.

He bent down to pick up the broom again, but with his big belly, he could not even squat down.

He looked extremely cute!

It was hard to imagine that underneath this Baymax was actually a fierce-looking man.

Chu He turned around awkwardly, only to see Gu Jinglian standing there with his arms crossed and eyebrows raised questioningly.

“Did you turn the Gu family residence into this”

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“Isnt… isnt it good” Chu He smiled.

“Look at how happy your son is.”

Gu Jinglian was at a loss for words.

“Its a special day!” She added, “Itll be fine after the birthday party.”

Gu Jinglian snorted.


“Childish Isnt it good to be childish Dont children like childish things” Chu He paused for a moment and said meaningfully, “I even heard that someone, and Im not mentioning who, liked the Seven Gourd Babies when he was young.”

“…” Gu Jinglians face darkened and he flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“Who told you that”

“Hmph, look, you admit it too, right You even hugged Winnie the Pooh to sleep when you were young!”

One night, Butler Fu had a little too much to drink and told her about Gu Jinglians childhood.

It was said that the four-year-old Gu Jinglian was especially obsessed with cartoons.

Tom and Jerry, Stuart Little, Winnie the Pooh, the Calabash Brothers, and the Black Cat Detective were all very popular at that time.

After the young Gu Jinglian saw it, he actually said that he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up..

This of course, infuriated the Old Master Gu then.


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