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Chapter 3504: A New Addition (120)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The group of underlings complained aggrievedly, “Big Sister Chu, what do you mean by villainous faces! We object!”

“Exactly! This is a personal attack!”

Chu He suddenly turned her head and swept her cold gaze across the room, scaring everyone into silence.

Butler Fu said helplessly, “Alright! Well do as you say!”

When the underlings heard this, they started wailing at once, “No! We dont want to wear that kind of clothes!”

“We are heroic men! Wed rather die than wear that sort of clothes!”

“Exactly! Big Sister Chu, its so embarrassing to wear that kind of clothes! Wed rather die than wear it!”

Chu He said unhurriedly, “Alright then, if that makes you happy!”

A few minutes later, more than ten men were lying on the ground like half-dead flies.

The few of them took Chu He on together, taking turns to attack her and were all defeated by the woman single-handedly.

This woman… was terrifying QAQ!

Chu He clapped and shook out her hands casually.

In an icy tone, she sneered, “You cant even defeat me and you have the cheek to call yourselves men Its settled then.

Butler Fu, purchase those costumes and get them to change out!”

Butler Fu looked at the “corpses” on the ground and his lips twitched.

“Ro… roger!”

In the blink of an eye, it was Baby Chus birthday.

Baby Chu woke up early in the morning.

Normally, he would refuse to get out of bed, but today was different.

Today was his birthday! His first birthday at the Gu family residence! He had been so excited that he could hardly sleep all night.

And early in the morning, he got up!

The little fella washed up and then ran downstairs.

Just as he got to the front door, he was stunned by the strange scene in the courtyard.

Last night, Uncle Fu had spent the night setting up the venue.

In the yard, there were colorful hydrogen balloons tied to the trees.

Every beam of this heritage building was decorated with colorful ribbons.

Someone wearing a jingle cat doll costume floated past him and said bitterly, “Good morning, Little Master!”

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On the other side, a household staff who was usually responsible for sweeping and cleaning was in a Minnie Mouse get-up and tidying the yard with a broom.

Her two ears stood erect on the big head set on top of a thin body.

It made her look very cute!

However, it was hard to imagine that under the giant cartoon character was a fierce-looking man.

In the courtyard, a group of thugs had already changed their clothes in advance.

Despite their reluctance, they obediently put on their character costumes when Butler Fu distributed them.

Chu He was worried that their fierce looks would scare the little kids, so she had asked Butler Fu to buy all kinds of character costumes for them to put on.

Now, wherever one looked, one would see all kinds of cartoon characters walking around.

There was Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and even characters from his own favorite animated film, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia.

At once, the place had been transformed into a fairytale land!

Baby Chus eyes lit up.

This was unbelievable!

So cute!

Someone nearby was heard complaining.

“So boring!”

One of them had just taken off his head piece when Butler Fu walked over and kicked him.

“Put it back on! Youre not to take it off!”


That person had no choice but to put the head piece back on.

“So cute! So cute!”

Baby Chu was so excited that he rushed over and hugged Judy Hopps from behind.

“Judy Hopps! Its really Judy Hopps!”

“And Ah Bao! Kung Fu Panda!”

“Wow! And Baymax! I love Baymax!”


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