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Chapter 3494: A New Addition (110)

Speaking of this, Gu Jinglian was especially unhappy.

This woman had always avoided his bed, as if she found it dirty or was avoiding him like he was some sort of venomous reptile.

Did she think he was such a beast

Gu Jinglian walked into the bedroom.

In the dim light, he noted that Chu He was hugging the pillow as though it was hers, and overbearingly occupying more than her fair share of the bed .

This bed was specially custom-made.

It was three meters wide and three meters long.

But even on such a huge bed, she made it seem as though it might not be big enough for her to toss and turn.

This womans sleeping posture was terrible.

Having made such an assessment, he walked to the head of the bed and slowly sat down.

The bed sank and molded to the pressure of his weight.

Gu Jinglian lowered his gaze and studied Chu Hes sleeping face.

His eyes darkened.

She was in her pajamas.

Because her sleeping posture was too casual, her long legs were exposed.

Her snow-white skin looked like porcelain in the mellow glow of the wall lamp.

Her eyes were tightly shut.

Her eyelashes were strikingly black and her lips were red in contrast to her flawless and pale skin.

Her black hair was spread over the pillow.

There was something picturesquely beautiful about her.

She used to be so thin that her cheeks were gaunt.

However, Butler Fu had been taking good care of her recently.

She had finally gained some weight, and her palm-sized face was no longer as thin and haggard as before.

However, when his gaze fell on her distinct collarbone, he realized It was too prominent, which meant that she was still too skinny.

Chu He let out a soft, almost inaudible breath.

She was quiet when she slept.

Hence, he could observe her beauty without any hindrance.

Gu Jinglians eyes darkened.

Somewhere in his body , there was an immediate reaction.

It had been a long time since he had been with a woman.

As he looked at her, a part of him seemed to awaken.

Gu Jinglian found himself reaching out to brush her jet black hair back from her neck.

As his cold fingertips touched her skin, Chu He shuddered and suddenly opened her eyes!

The moment her eyes snapped open, they met his deep almond-shaped ones.

She awoke with a jolt!

“What… what are you doing”

Before she could finish her sentence, Gu Jinglian leaned over.

With this movement, his lanky body came up against hers and pinned her under its dark silhouette.


Chu He was so frightened that her tongue was almost in knots, and her breathing was out of rhythm.

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“Gu Jinglian, what are you doing!”


Chu He paled at his reply and asked, “Werent… werent you sleeping on the sofa”

“Did I say that Ill sleep on the sofa” His question silenced Chu He.

He… never said that!

But just then…

Chu He narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

“Were you pretending to be asleep just now”

Always being smart at the wrong time.

Gu Jinglian raised his eyebrows.

“We are husband and wife, so what if we share the same bed”

“Husband and wife”

Chu He sneered, “We only got ourselves a marriage certificate.

Does that make us husband and wife”

“Does it not”


Chu He flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“Gu Jinglian, Have you forgotten why we got our marriage certificate in the first place!”

“You dont have to remind me.”

Gu Jinglian continued to inch closer to her, his tall nose almost touching her face now.

His deep gaze was impossible to avoid..


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