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Chapter 3491: A New Addition (107)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She frowned.

“What are you doing Trying to guard against thieves”

“Wheres your marriage certificate” Gu Jinglian looked up and suddenly asked, “Show me.”

“Whatever for” She glared at him warily, but the mention of the marriage certificate reminded her.

She felt her pocket and realized that she had left it in the drawer of her work desk and forgotten to bring it home.

“Uh…” She blinked awkwardly.

Gu Jinglian became suspicious on noticing her reaction.

“Wheres the marriage certificate”

“I forgot.”

“You forgot!”

How could she forget something so important

Chu He explained, “I think its in my office drawer.

Ive forgotten to bring it home.”

The man was stumped.

His face fell, and he was obviously unhappy.

Chu He touched the back of her head and said carelessly, “Its not anything important anyway! Why do you want it”

“Not important” Gu Jinglian repeated her words and his expression darkened.

He suddenly stood up and approached her, the displeasure in his eyes showing!

Chu He retreated slightly, till her back was pressed up against the wall and she had nowhere to retreat.

She sized Gu Jinglian up with alertness and continued, “Is it something that important Anyway, its in the drawer.

No one will steal it.”

Gu Jinglian glared at her with hostility in his eyes.

After a long while, his lips curled into a cold smile.

“Not important”

“…Important.” If Chu He couldnt read the expression on his face, all her years being a police officer would have been for nothing.

However, she did not understand it.

It was just a marriage certificate.

Why was he looking so upset

She really could not think why a marriage certificate would be so important.

Gu Jinglian sized her up and asked coldly, “What are your thoughts about marrying me”


Was this like summer homework for primary school students, writing a movie review What was there to think about

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Her only thought was…

“Really troublesome.”

Gu Jinglians expression turned even colder.


“I thought that getting a marriage certificate would be a simple procedure.

I didnt expect it to be so troublesome and take up so much of my time.” Chu He muttered discontentedly, “I was so late for work this afternoon.

I think Im going to lose this months Perfect Attendance Award.”

The coldness in Gu Jinglians eyes seemed to pierce right through her.

Feeling increasingly odd, Chu He asked suspiciously, “Gu Jinglian, whats wrong with you You look like you want to chew someone up.”

Gu Jinglian studied her for a long time before he snorted and walked away.

Chu He stared at his back view speechlessly.

After a long while, she muttered, “Whats wrong with you Youre off your rockers!”

At dinner.

For some reason, Baby Chu was in an especially good mood.

Perhaps it was because he had finally gotten a big worry off his back.

He had a hearty appetite and polished off two bowls of rice.

Chu He glanced at him and saw him holding the bowl and saying happily to Uncle Fu, “Ill have another bowl!”

“Stop eating!” Chu He quickly said, “Youve eaten two bowls of rice!”

If he continued eating, his little stomach would surely burst.

Aggrieved, Baby Chu pouted.

Butler Fu said, “Be good, Baby Chu.

Youve had enough to eat for today!”

Eating too much was bad for childrens development.

Butler Fu had his reservations too.

The boy put down his bowl and turned around.

Seeing that Gu Jinglian had also finished eating, he immediately asked, “Daddy, are you done with dinner too”

Gu Jinglian did not reply..

He was obviously in a bad mood.


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