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Chapter 3490: A New Addition (106)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Uh…” Butler Fu immediately cleared his throat and said, “Im busy with things.”

With that, he turned around and quickly slipped away.

Butler Fu was prepared to teach those scoundrels for spilling on him on the matter of Old Masters marriage certificate.

Now that he had offended Old Master, he dared not show his face in front of the man for several days!

He shut the door behind him.

Gu Jinglian turned his attention back to Baby Chu and saw the boy looking at him expectantly, crying, “Lets continue playing! Lets continue playing! This game is fun!”

It was much more interesting than playing electronic games!

The important thing was, no matter what game, as long as he could play it with Gu Jinglian, Baby Chu would find it very fun.

He enjoyed his time with Gu Jinglian very much.

No matter how boring the game was, he found it interesting.

Gu Jinglian replied plainly, “Nah.”

“Why” The lad was disappointed.

He shook his head and said pitifully, “Why arent you playing anymore”

“Daddy has something to do.”

“Oh.” Baby Chu, on the other hand, was rather good at reading people and was very tactful.

Thus, he mumbled, “Ill go play with Butler Fu!”

With that, he stood up and ran to look for Butler Fu with the rose pastry.

Gu Jinglian suddenly stood up and walked slowly to his desk.

A thought struck him and he silently pulled open the drawer.

In the drawer, on top of a pile of accounts, sat the red marriage certificate.

The embossed words on the cover were eye-catching.

He sat down on the chair and picked up the marriage certificate.

He flipped it open and the photograph of him and Chu He came into view.

In the photograph, he held Chu Hes shoulder as he looked into the camera, his expression cold and his dark eyes unfathomable.

So that was what others thought of him.

Gu Jinglian subconsciously lifted his hand and touched his own face, somewhat surprised.

He rarely looked at himself in the mirror.

Hence, from the photo, he could see how icy he looked.

No wonder Baby Chu initially avoided him when he first came to the Gu family residence.

The boy seemed terrified of him.

Next to him, Chu He was caught off guard by his sudden move of putting his arm around her.

At the same time, she had tried to smile for the picture, but it came out looking odd.

She smiled awkwardly.

Or even, a little unwillingly.

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Gu Jinglian narrowed his eyes at once.

His gaze fell on Chu Hes awkward expression and he felt inexplicably unhappy.

He was so engrossed in the photograph that he did not notice the footsteps outside the door.

Chu He had pushed open the door and walked in when she saw Gu Jinglian staring at the marriage certificate.

Her lips twitched.

“Is the marriage certificate so interesting”

This startled the man and he jumped before she could finish her sentence.

Gu Jinglian instinctively snapped the marriage certificate shut and tossed it into the drawer.

He looked at Chu He and frowned.

“Who let you in”

In other words, he wanted to know why she had not knocked.

Chu He crossed her arms and gestured at the door that had been left ajar.

“The door wasnt closed.

I thought there was no one in here.”

The man was stumped.

Chu He saw his unhappy expression and found it funny.

“I saw you staring at the marriage certificate the moment I came in.

Why Whats so interesting about it”

As she spoke, she leaned over to see if his marriage certificate was any different from hers.

Gu Jinglian pushed the drawer shut to stop her prying eyes.

She frowned.

“What are you doing Trying to guard against thieves”


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