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Chapter 3489: A New Addition (105)

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The father and son held each other tightly and started to ravage each other!

However, Baby Chu was obviously at a disadvantage!

His chubby little fingers were not as long as Gu Jinglians, nor were they as strong as his.

Hence while Gu Jinglian hardly felt anything, Baby Chu, on the other hand, felt as though his face was about to be ripped apart!

“It hurts!” Baby Chu protested, “Stop pinching me, sob… stop pinching me…”

Gu Jinglian frowned and wrapped his hand around his chubby face, playing with it.

Yes, it felt good.

Just like a glutinous rice ball.

Baby Chu, Baby Chu, might as well call him Baby Dumpling.

The chubby baby fat felt so comfortable to the touch that Gu Jinglian could not help but relax his eyebrows.

Even that knotted feeling in his heart disappeared!

But for Baby Chu who was being fiercely ravaged by him, it was indescribably painful! He pounded the man again and again, like an angry cat, his arms and legs protesting.

Gu Jinglian finally let go of him.

Baby Chu clutched his face in agony, looking like a storm was about to break out!

Gu Jinglian casually picked up the afternoon tea snack and stuffed it into the boys mouth.

“…” Baby Chu licked it with his tongue, and the sullenness on his face faded away.

He exclaimed in surprise, “Wow, its so sweet!”

The childs was as capricious as the weather in June, swinging from one extreme to the other just like that!

He looked at the refreshments on the coffee table.

These were the pastries that Butler Fu had prepared earlier on.

Gu Jinglian had fed the boy with a rose pastry.

This was the first time Baby Chu had eaten such a delicious snack.

He reached out for another.


Gu Jinglian slapped his hand, and Baby Chu retracted it in pain.

He glared at the man hatefully, then reached out for the pastry again.


“Youre not allowed to have that.” Gu Jinglian coldly stopped the boy, “Its mine.”

“Petty!” Baby Chu sat down on the carpet and crossed his arms, looking aggrieved.

Gu Jinglian lifted the plate and picked up a piece of rose pastry with his long fingers.

He took a bite and then glanced at Baby Chu, who looked at the snack hungrily, almost drooling.

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“You want this”

“Mmm!” Baby Chu hurriedly nodded and expressed his desire.

Gu Jinglian suddenly curved his lips in an evil smirk and said unhurriedly, “That depends on whether you have the capability to get your hands on it.”

Butler Fu had just tidied up the other rooms when he passed by the study room.

He casually pushed open the door and saw Gu Jinglian sitting leisurely on the sofa, picking up a piece of rose pastry and then playfully tossing it so that it traveled in a parabola through the air.

Baby Chu immediately straightened his neck and opened his mouth wide to receive the rose pastry!


After failing twice to catch it, he was stunned this time.

He first predicted where Gu Jinglian would throw the rose pastry.

As such, the moment the rose pastry was thrown out, he reacted in time and leaned over, opening his mouth and catching the rose pastry squarely.

Gu Jinglian generously praised him.


The boy became rather smug and puffed up his chest proudly.

Butler Fu was petrified into speechlessness.

“Daddy, am I awesome” Baby Chu lay on his lap with an expression as though he was looking for praise.

If he had a tail, it would be wagging furiously right now.

Gu Jinglian patted his head and said, “Mmm hmm, impressive.”

“Hehe!” Then Baby Chu caught sight of Butler Fu from the corner of his eye.

He immediately turned around and said to the man, “Butler Fu, come play with us! This game is very fun!”

Gu Jinglian turned to look at Butler Fu, his gaze turning cold at once.


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