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Chapter 3485: A New Addition (101)

By the time Chu He arrived at the police station, she was two hours late.

“Chu He, what took you so long”

A colleague said sullenly, “If it werent for you, I would have gotten off work earlier! Any later, you might as well turn up just to knock off work!”

Chu He felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Sorry, there were too many people at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

I was delayed.”


That colleague was taken aback.

“You really went to register your marriage”

Chu He fell silent for a moment before replying, “…as I said so yesterday.”

“I thought you were joking because you were drunk! But to be honest, Chu He, your alcohol tolerance is really something.

Have you ever been drunk”

Chu He shook her head.

“No, but I dont drink often.”

Just as she entered the office after logging in on her punch card, she saw Li Xiaofeng returning to his office at the same time.

He looked across at her and asked, “Why are you so late”

“Uh…” Chu He repeated her explanation.

When Li Xiaofeng realized that she had registered her marriage, he suddenly felt disappointed.

Chu He walked to her desk and slipped her marriage certificate into the drawer.

Suddenly, a thought struck her and she turned around.

“Captain, may I ask you something”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

“Why is the Gu family… such a taboo subject”

Li Xiaofeng was stunned by Chu Hes question.

He sat down slowly and said, “Why are you suddenly asking about this”

“Oh.” Chu He said with an unnatural expression, “Nothing, I just suddenly find it rather strange.”

“You should have heard of the Gu family of the capital.”

“Uh huh.”

“A few decades ago, the Gu family was a name that no one dared to mention.” Li Xiaofeng continued, “However, in recent years, they have become much more abiding.

Theyve cleaned up much of their businesses.

To be precise, the Gu family is no longer just an underground corporation.”

Chu He narrowed her eyes, only to hear Li Xiaofeng continue angrily, “But the Gu family is a humiliation to me!”

“Whats wrong”

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Li Xiaofengs strong reaction casued Chu He to feel that something was amiss.

The man took a deep breath but did not continue.

Instead, he said calmly, “Its been so many years.

Lets not talk about it anymore.” As he spoke, he stood up, walked to the door, and lit a cigarette.

Chu He played with her pen and raised her eyebrows but said nothing.

Li Xiaofeng suddenly said, “Chu He, about last night…” He turned around and continued gloomily, “If it had upset you, then just leave it behind you!”

Chu He replied, “You were drunk last night.

I didnt take it to heart.”

Li Xiaofeng was stunned for a moment before he smiled and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

Then he shook his head helplessly and said, “This is my first time wooing a girl, but I failed.

How pathetic!”

“Its my first time having someone confessing his feelings to me.”


Chu He suddenly leaned back in her chair and said casually, “In the past, I always felt that love was something that was too far beyond me! I had never dared to think about getting married or having children.

Back then, I was a mercenary.

I lived each day as it came, not knowing if Id be around to see the next.”

“Why did you choose to be a mercenary” Li Xiaofeng could not help feeling curious..

“Its indeed strange for a girl to be a mercenary!”


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