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Chapter 3478: A New Addition (94)

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Gu Jinglian suddenly glanced at Chu He and his gaze fell on her hand that was full with all the shopping.

Her ring finger was bare and indeed unpresentable.

He did not know much about the wedding procedures.

After all, he had never planned to get married, so he did not pay attention to the complicated details of marriage.

However, since this woman was Gu Jinglians wife, of course for a wedding, he could not possibly give her less than what the other normal people had.

Since a diamond wedding ring was a norm, then she had to have one too.

Gu Jinglian said, “Pick one.”

Chu He was staring at the diamond rings on display, so she did not immediately realize what Gu Jinglian had said.

Gu Jinglian turned around and repeated, “Pick one.”

“Huh” Chu He looked up, surprised.


The shop assistant kindly explained, “Your husband wants you to choose a ring! Youre getting engaged, right You cant go without a wedding ring!”

Chu He pondered for a moment before asking, “Must I buy a wedding ring when I get married”

She had no idea.

Everyone fell silent.

The shop assistant could not help scrutinizing in silence.

Your man is wearing such an expensive watch.

Its worth more than ten million.

Why arent you even interested in diamond rings

Which woman doesnt love diamonds

This must be a fake woman.

“Of course you need to buy a wedding ring!”

Chu He glanced at the counter again and felt that all the rings looked the same.

She shook her head and said, “I dont fancy any of these.”

“Miss, perhaps the items displayed on this counter may not even catch your eye.

However, if you have no concerns with the budget, I can recommend two of the stores treasures to you.”

As she spoke, the shop assistant opened the safe and walked over with an exquisite-looking box.

Then, she put on a pair of gloves and carefully took out the ring.

In an instant, a flash of brilliance!

Inside the box sat a uniquely-shaped ring.

“This model is one of the best rings in our store, Towers “Oath”.

She carefully held the ring up and introduced it to Chu He.

“Madam, take a look.

The side of this ring is exactly the shape of the French Eiffel Tower.

Under the light, the image projected is the shape of the tower structure.

The one-carat diamond is very exquisitely cut.”

Chu He wasnt moved by it.

She only felt that the diamond was so big and shiny.

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Noticing her indifferent expression, the shop assistant asked disappointedly, “You dont like this”

“Its too big.

It looks cumbersome.”

Perhaps it was because she had been carrying out missions for a long time, but she was already used to her bare hands.

The shop assistant said, “You dont have to wear this wedding ring all the time.

If its inconvenient, you can just take it off! If you dont like this one, I can recommend another one.”

Then, the staff took out another box from the safe.

When the box was opened, Chu He took a casual glance and was attracted by the dazzling ring! She was attracted not because of the 2.5-carat diamond on it, but because its shape was especially eye-catching.

“This is the Crown of True Loves “Princess”.

The Crown of True Love series is I Dos high-end customized series! The Crown of True Love series uses diamond-studded designs that look like crowns, and the ruby on the side is just like the eye-catching highlight that crowns every love story, making every bride feel like a fairy tale princess…”

“Pfft…” Before the shop assistant could finish, Chu He could not help bursting out in laughter.

Princess She was not a girl anymore..

Did she really believe in fairy tales


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