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Chapter 3477: A New Addition (93)

Gu Jinglians expression darkened in an instant.

He held back his anger and abruptly removed the shoe.

He suddenly stood up and stared down at her.

“Put it on yourself.”

Chu He was flabbergasted.

She looked at her foot.

He had taken off the high heel shoe and tossed it aside.

As her foot came into contact with the cold marble floor, the smile on her face froze!

Only a second ago, she was secretly laughing to herself, thinking that the insufferably arrogant Gu Jinglian would humble himself to serve someone.

She only teased him a little before the mans face darkened.

How ungentlemanly!


Gu Jinglian arrogantly turned around and walked off! He could not stand being ordered around.

Chu He was speechless and could not be bothered to argue with him.

At least, she had enjoyed his service once and was satisfied.

She then put on her high heels again and carried her bags before running after him.

Originally, the two of them had been prepared to leave.

Gu Jinglian happened to walk past a jewelry store.

The shop assistant smiled and asked, “Sir, are you shopping with your girlfriend Buy a ring for your girlfriend!”

Majority of the employees who worked at these counters of the department store were all highly skilled veterans.

Just by looking at the customers attire and temperament, one could tell the customers purchasing power.

Gu Jinglian was only passing by the counter.

The shop assistants eyes were sharp and immediately saw the watch on his wrist.

Patek Philippe!

This was the king of the Swiss watch brands! Patek Philippe was founded in 1839, and is among the worlds top ten watchmakers.

And it was not one of the top brands for no reason.

Exquisite aesthetics and precious materials go into creating the brand value of Patek Philippe.

It has been around for a long time.

The watch on the mans wrist belonged to the Patek Philippe super complications series, the 5002P platinum mechanical watch.

It was made of 950 platinum and exquisitely crafted.

It was worth 17 million yuan.

It had to be said, this staff had a sharp eye.

Gu Jinglian did not even turn his head, but the shop assistant continued enthusiastically, “Arent you going to buy a ring for your girlfriend”

Behind him, Chu He had caught up and glanced at the dazzling diamond necklace and ring on the counter.

Gu Jinglian suddenly turned back to the counter and asked seriously, “Do you need a ring to get married”

“Is this your girlfriend” The staff glanced at Chu He and smiled, “Your girlfriend is so pretty.

Are you guys getting married”

Gu Jinglian said expressionlessly, “Answer my question.”

The staff froze.

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Obviously she was taken aback by Gu Jinglians cold and dark expression.

She subconsciously replied, “Of… of course! We have to buy wedding rings for the wedding!”

Had she attracted a wealthy customer

Or a Demon King!

This man had such a strong and terrifying presence…

Seeing Gu Jinglian stop at the counter, Chu He went up to take a look and saw many beautiful diamond rings on display.

Then she looked up and saw a signboard overhead carrying the word “I Do”, it was shimmering like gold.

Even the signboard was dazzling.

On the other hand, the shop assistant talked incessantly, “Which youngster nowadays doesnt buy a diamond wedding ring A wedding ring not only represents a promise, it also represents a beautiful true love and a sacred marriage !…”

Chu Hes eyes flickered as she listened..


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